Here's Where You Can Buy Michelle McNamara's Golden State Killer Book (Before It Sells Out)

John Shearer/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

On Wednesday, Sacramento police announced that they arrested the man suspected to be the Golden State Killer. The haunting nickname for the murderer was originally given by a true crime writer who was married to comedian Patton Oswalt and passed away in 2016. With the highly-anticipated arrest over, people may be wondering where to buy Michelle McNamara's book about the Golden State Killer.

Titled I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer, McNamara's book discusses the chilling methods with which the serial killer raped and murdered dozens from 1976 to 1986 in Southern California.

It's a book widely revered by true crime fans well before the Tuesday arrest. On Amazon, reviewers have been praising McNamara's book for a while now. In fact, if you're interested in buying I'll Be Gone in the Dark, you can find it on Amazon where it is listed as a New York Times bestseller.

Amazon lists I'll Be Gone in the Dark: One Woman's Obsessive Search for the Golden State Killer in three formats; Kindle, hardcover, and paperback. For Kindle users, the book can be bought at $14.99 whereas the hardcover edition is priced at $18.29. Paperback readers can be grab McNamara's bestseller at $25.19.

It looks like social media is going to boost its sales where people have been raving about it, including horror fiction writing legend Stephen King who tweeted on Wednesday, "Go get Michelle McNamara's excellent book about the case."

You can also buy McNamara's fascinating book from HarperCollins where the book is offered in four medium-varied formats, including an unabridged audiobook version. The eBook version for I'll Be Gone In The Dark is priced at $14.99 while the large print edition of the same book can be bought for $27.99 from the website.

The digital audiobook version for McNamara's true crime book is available at $26.99 whereas you can grab yourself a hardcover edition for a discounted $20.99 at HarperCollins. You can also check Book Depository for the same title.

But if you're a fan of visiting a bookstore, going through aisles of different genres, and taking your time by sifting through the brand-new pages of a riveting book, then you can nab a copy of McNamara's I'll Be Gone In The Dark from Barnes and Noble. But you might want to hurry as the book enjoys high ratings from readers; at Barnes and Noble, collective reviews for I'll Be Gone In The Dark give it a cumulative 4.7 stars. In other words, high ratings tend to lead to more public attention and more attention could sell the book out before you know it.

For those who have read I'll Be Gone In The Dark, the read seems to have left them feeling many things. One Twitter said, "Wow, I just finished I'll Be Gone In The Dark, and I'm reading the news and I'm crying a lot." So, fair warning, McNamara's deep delving into the grisly world of crime isn't cheerful material and could disturb some readers.

While reading all of this, you might find yourself curious to know just why McNamara's writing kept so many people on the edges of their seats. From the various tweets people have shared on her book, it seems as if she really did know how to hold her reader's attention and primal need to know more. Perhaps her husband could explain why McNamara stunned so many people.

In February, McNamara's husband Oswalt told NPR that she had "that combination of — how could I put it best — empathy but then mathematical coldness to look at dates and times and cities and link them up, even though they were all linked by the kind of events and the kind of horror that I think would make a lot of people just look away and not want to delve any deeper."