The Best Patriots Merchandise To Celebrate SB51

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Whether you're into sports or not, the Super Bowl is usually a blast for everyone. In the past 24, countless massive fans likely stocked up on tons of snacks and headed to a party where they shed tears of joy or tears of rage. For everyone else, the day was either regarded as a giant wing-eating contest or a free Lady Gaga concert. Maybe the highlight of your afternoon was watching all the commercials! Regardless, finding out where to buy the best Patriots Super Bowl merchandise and memorabilia is probably a fan's biggest priority now.

From a cozy blanket to a chic scarf, we've got tons of Patriots team merch that you'll love to own (or give, if you've got another football lover if your household). Still, whether you're a diehard New England Patriots fan or a lover of the Atlanta Falcons, both teams worked their asses off this season, and that's definitely worth commemorating. That's why I've also rounded up some of the coolest Falcons memorabilia for your favorite team, because win or lose, your support doesn't have to end just because the season did.

No matter how you spent your Super Bowl, I'm hoping you had as much fun as I did — yes, even the Falcons supporters, whose Sunday probably could've ended on a higher note. And to all the Patriots fans, congratulations on an epic game. Now, on to all the memorabilia you should snap up ASAP before it all sells out.


This Cozy Throw Blanket To Keep You Warm 'Til Next Season

The Northwest Company New England Patriots Stacked Silk Blanket, $27, Amazon

The season might be over, but we've still got three months of cold weather to endure. Cuddle up next to the Patriots and celebrate their win with this stacked silk blanket. It measures 60 by 80 inches, it's machine washable, and reviewers love that it's "fluffy and big" and that the "colors [are] sharp."


These Classy Candles For Vanilla-Scented Support

NFL New England Patriots Candle Set, $19, Amazon

A classy touch for any true fan's home, this NFL New England Patriots candle set has a hand-enameled label and fills your space with the subtle scent of vanilla. It comes with two candles, and the square glass design gives any surface a warm yet modern glow.


Drink In Style With This Four-Logo Shot Glass Set

New England Patriots Four Piece Shot Glass Set, $26, Amazon

For some people, football and drinking are synonymous, and for the subcategory that can't stand beer, you've got this New England Patriots shot glass set. It comes with four shot glasses, each with a different team logo, and they're high quality, durable, and make a great addition to your home bar or shot collection.


This Fashionable Scarf To Show Off Your Team Spirit

Patriots NFL Infinity Scarf, $22, Amazon

Made from lightweight sheer material that's perfect for the start of next season, this Patriots NFL infinity scarf is a fashionable yet functional way to show your spirit. Since it's one continuous long loop, you can wear it multiple ways, and people are loving the vibrant colors and soft fabric.


These Sleek Coasters To Protect Your Tables Next Year

NFL Patriots Stainless Steel Coasters, $25, Amazon

If you hosted a Super Bowl party, you've probably got rings on your coffee table today. Stock up on these NFL Patriots coasters for next year, and fall in love with their sleek stainless steel laser-cut logos and heavy corked backing. "These are very well made! I've purchased coasters similar to this in the past and was not impressed with their quality. These feel extremely sturdy and are very easy to clean."


This New Chic Wallet To Prepare For Next Year's Fantasy Bets

NFL Cowhide Leather Patriots Wallet, $26, Amazon

Finally, if your current wallet took a beating during Fantasy Football, prepare for the new season with this NFL Patriots wallet. It's made from genuine cowhide leather, has a window for your ID as well as multiple credit card pockets, and it's both chic and durable. "Such an awesome wallet," says one psyched fan. "This feels awesome, holds all my stuff, and definitely looks great. I've had it for over a year, and it's held up perfectly."


This High-Quality Zippo That Showcases Your Favorite Team

Falcon's Zippo Lighter, $20, Amazon

Now for merch that celebrates the losing team — after all, Falcons fans are just as devoted as Patriots lovers, right? With an all metal construction and a windproof design, this Falcons Zippo lighter is a practical way to commemorate your favorite team. Since it's genuine Zippo, it comes with a lifetime guarantee (if it stops working, they fix it for free!), and reviewers are loving the high-quality decal and durable construction. So, while you may be sad about the Falcons' loss, at least you can carry a torch for them (hyuck hyuck) wherever you go.


Whenever You Need A Surface, The Falcons Are There To Support You (And Your Guacamole)

Falcons NFL Endzone Table, $36, Amazon

From concerts to tailgating parties, this Falcons NFL endzone table is there for you whenever you need a reliable surface. It's insanely easy to fold out and assemble, comes with its own carrying case, and it holds up to 75 pounds of food and drinks. Reviewers are loving it because it's vibrant, compact, and super sturdy.


This Wildly Luxurious Bathmat To Cushion Your Feet

NFL "Worn Out" Falcon's Bathmat, $34, Amazon

Shower in comfort and style with this NFL Falcons bathmat. It's filled with a deep layer of foam that warms and cushions your feet as soon as you step out of the shower, and it's got a worn-out vintage look that'll compliment any bathroom. It's also backed with a layer of PVC so it won't slip around your tile floor.


This Is Definitely Not Your Average Beanie, Falcons Fans

NFL Falcons Light Up Printed Beanie Knit Cap, $30, Amazon

This NFL Falcons knit cap isn't your average beanie. It's got a built-in battery pack that powers the bright LED lights inside of it, which makes it awesome for night games, midnight jogs, or parties. Reviewers also say that it's really warm, super soft, and prompts many a conversation.

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