These Very Strange Nose Warmers Are Here To Keep You Cozy This Winter

The cold weather is upon us, and while that means we get to bundle up in cute blanket scarves and fur lined boots, that also means we're going to have to battle wind-chapped cheeks and cold noses. Well, there is now one brand that's here to help with the nose part. The Nose Warmer Company has created a line of — you guessed it — nose warmers that will keep that part of your face warm no matter how brutal the winds are or how far the temps drop. If you have ever had the urge to wear a ski mask during a brisk afternoon but knew it was socially unacceptable (just imagine walking into a corner store with one of those on,) this is your next best alternative.

Nose Warmer Company is a UK-based brand that creates playful nose caps especially designed for winter woes. "Our business started small, with one nose warmer made specifically to do the job of warming up a nippy nose! Our owner soon realised that she wasn't the only one with this problem and so the Nose Warmer Company was born," their website reads. "Don't suffer a cold nose any longer, grab yourself a nose warmer and snuggle up on those cold winter nights."

The accessory looks like a tiny beanie for your nose, and it comes in a variety of styles, prints, and materials.

There is a faux fur warmer for the glamorous fashionistas, which are the snuggliest nose warmers that they make. You can choose between black or "silver fox" faux fur, keeping your nose toasty even during the chilliest of nights.

Nose Warmer Company

Black Bomb Nose Warmer with Black Ribbon, $8.80, Nose Warmer Company

For the animal lovers out there, there is a whole animal print collection that will let you channel the season's chicest prints. You can channel your inner zebra or giraffe, or go the Cruella de Vil route and rock a Dalmatian nose.

For someone with a more traditional winter aesthetic, there are also a variety of wool options to choose from. You can pick out multi-colored varieties or stick to one solid hue. If you're feeling extra festive, you can nab the red one and channel your inner Rudolph —which would look especially cute when you head into a Christmas market for your roasted chestnuts.

If you're looking for a stocking stuffer or winter birthday gift, there's a fleece tartan option. In fact, some of the reviews specifically mentioned how fun it was getting and gifting this particular item around the holidays.

"Just wanted to let you know we had a great laugh on Christmas morning with the tartan nose warmer," one reviewer wrote. "What a fab present this is going to make," another shared.

While it might look quirky, some reviewers noted that it might seem eccentric but it really does gets the job done. "My family thought I was going mad, so now they can be sure I have, it is warm though!" a reviewer posted. If you're always battling a cold nose during the winter season, then this just might be the accessory you have been waiting for.