Fish Sandals Exist & Yes, You Need Them Now

Summer is a great time to experiment with unusual looks and let your freak flag fly, especially in the shoe department. With a new series of dad shoes, quirky platforms, and inventive sandals coming out seemingly weekly, there's a lot to choose from. But the one pair of shoes that take the cake in ingenuity have to be the Fish Animal Slippers. They look exactly how they sound like: they're a pair of sip-ons, but they're in the shape of gaping fish, making it look like your feet are nestled into a pair of trouts.

Weird? Yes. Amazing? Double yes. They take the concept of the Big Mouth Billy Bass mounted fish (that usually sings a song like "Take Me to the River") and rework it into the fashion world, letting you rep an unusual aesthetic with your summer dresses and breezy culottes.

Made from polypropylene plastic and featuring a rubber sole, these slippers might look tricky to walk in at first, but they're functioning, comfortable shoes. You slip your feet into the hole of the body, and your toes stick out of the mouth. The product description writes that it's a great gag gift to wear around the house, the pool, or beach, but why stop there? If you have an adventurous sense of style, you can totally wear them with your usual weekday outfits. Go wild!

They are also very budget friendly, meaning you won't have to spend a lot of money to play with the quirky style. Clocking in between $14- $19, they are in a workable price point for an item you might treat like a novelty in your closet, rather than a workhorse.

Seeing how these shoes are so quirky and might not be for everyone, it's pretty surprising how well rated they are. On Amazon they nearly have a full five stars and, as expected, the reviews are hilarious.

"My husband brought these to tease me. He thought i would not use it but guess what the joke is on him infact i love these slippers," on reviewer posted, showing just how addictive they are.

"Came quickly! My husband is OBSESSED with bass fishing & he was just tickled when he received these!!" another shared.

"These are honestly the best thing that have ever happened to me. I’ve never been so happy as I was when these arrived at my doorstep. My squad and I all bought these, so we’re really going for it," one reviewer shared.

The main thing that comes across when you scroll through the reviews is just how delighted almost everyone is with their screwball shoes. Even when they're given as gag gifts, people end up wearing them around the house or to their beach getaways — much to the surprise of their gifters. You can even see photos posted, and some people are wearing them with going-out dresses, proving that these totally work on a Friday night out.

As long as you have a sense of humor, you can totally pull these off. Make that wardrobe of yours a little more fishy.