Capri Sun Swimsuits Exist & They Come In The BEST Flavor

There’s no denying that Capri Sun is a juice staple in any lunchbox. And while the juice pack comes in plenty of popping flavors like Strawberry Kiwi and Grape, L.A. streetwear brand Public Space is putting the Capri Sun Pacific Cooler flavor into a swimsuit. No juice packs included.

If the retailer name sounds familiar, that’s because it’s the same brand responsible for those LaCroix one-piece swimsuits. The same brand is now offering up Capri Sun-inspired beach wear that includes another one-piece swimsuit and also swim shorts printed with the Pacific Cooler flavor’s packaging.

According to the Public Space site, everything is crafted by hand in Los Angeles after an order is placed, so shoppers are getting something super special.

The swimsuit features the main image of the Capri Sun flavor on the front and the back displays the juice’s iconic ingredients: pineapple, orange, and cherries. Ranging in sizes XS to 2X, fans can nab this nostalgic one-piece for $49 exclusively sold on the Public Space website.

If fans want to rock the matching swim shorts, they are also up for grabs on the Public Space website for $49. Plus, the shorts are offered in sizes 28 to 40 (or S to 2X).

Capri Sun One Piece

The Capri Sun one piece Swimsuit thankfully comes in the best flavor of them all. Throwback a Pacific Cooler on the beach with this super cute swimsuit to make it a true full circle experience.

Capri Sun Swim Shorts

All of Public Space's pieces are unisex, so anyone can rock these memorable shorts. The Capri Sun shorts come with a drawstring for wearers to adjust the waist and lining made specifically to avoid chafing in the thighs. Not to mention, these shorts also have pockets. Yay!

For juice lovers who want something even more quench-worthy, fans can also buy one of Public Space's other swimsuit and shorts apparel that pay tribute to beverages like Arizona, the very boujee Fiji water bottle, and the deliciously sweet Hi-C.

Arizona One-Piece Swimsuit

In this day and age, if there's one thirst-quenching juice people can still get from their grocery store or nearest bodega for a dollar is an Arizona. As one of the most popular Arizona flavors, Public Space offers the famous Green Tea (with honey) flavor in the form of a swimsuits. This juice-inspired look comes in the matching swim shorts, too.

Fiji Water Swimsuit

From the hands of L.A., Public Space carries this cute Fiji water design in its swimsuit collection. While the Fiji water bottle is an eye-catching design on its own, it also makes for a beach-ready one piece.

Hi-C Orange Lavaburst Swimsuit Shorts

The sweetest drink in Public Space's collection of beverage-inspired swimwear is this Hi-C swimsuit. Printed with the image of the popular soda machine juice, the flavor of the swimsuit is Orange Lava Burst.

Playful launches like these are what makes dressing up a fun experience. And wherever food and fashion fuse together, fashionistas can expect a wildly delicious look for any occasion.