These Silicone Wedding Bands Are Durable & Stylish

Finding the perfect wedding band can be quite a feat. Whether it's figuring out the type of metal you or your partner want or the style, there's a lot to consider. If you're outdoorsy, active, or an athlete however, QALO rings may make that task a lot easier. You might be wondering what a QALO ring is, and if so, it's your lucky day, especially if you and your partner are an active couple. QALO rings are the solution to your wedding band search, and the best news? They're super easy to find and shop!

QALO rings are silicone bands meant to combine comfort and functionality for the couples on-the-go (Olympians and NFL athletes love them!). Whether you're addicted to the outdoors or a person who loves going to the gym, the silicone bands are durable and comfortable and will last through any activity you and your significant other love to do.

Silicon Rings, $12 & up, QALO

If the idea of the silicone QALO ring sounds like a great option for you and your partner, the good news is not only are they affordable, but they're easy to shop. You can snag the QALO rings online at the QALO website, and to make your life easier, there's a store finder over at the website. The retailers vary, so if you want to shop in person simply look up your city.

Men's Black Step Edge Q2X, $25, QALO

QALO rings generally cost around $25, but do vary. Also a variable fact: color. If you always wanted a purple wedding band, you can have one with QALO.

Women's Step Stackable Silicon Ring, $12, QALO

Plus, on Tuesday, March 7, the brand is officially introducing stackable rings. These multi-patterned, multi-colored bands are so cute, and if you love customizable jewelry, they're perfect.

Even better, creators of Tone It Up! founders Karena and Katrina are signing on as official ambassadors to the brand, proving that these cute silicone ring options are perfect for lovers of all things athletic.

Women's Sky Blue Pearlescent Silicon Ring, $25, QALO

Men's White Silicon Ring, $20, QALO

If you've been endlessly searching for the perfect band but worried about how fragile jewelry can do, QALO rings may just be for you. With their diverse colors, affordable prices, and upcoming new launch, they're too good to miss.