Where To Buy Royal Wedding Clothing To Celebrate Prince Harry & Meghan Markle's Big Day

The Royal Wedding is more than just a real life version of everything on your Pinterest board — it's a historical event. The day will be remembered for centuries to come, and you can solidify its' existence by putting it in your wardrobe as well. Yes, Royal Wedding merch actually exists, because that is the world that we live in now. No matter where you are, you can remember the big day.

On May 19, 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will walk down the aisle. You might not be one of the 2,600 people invited to the party, but you can buy a shirt to get in the royal spirit. This is one trend that is pretty unanimous no matter where you go. The entire world will be watching the love birds on their big day, so you might as well get into the spirit too.

None of the merch will be Royal Wedding approved, though. Those going to the event will not be allowed in if they show up in a T-shirt. The exact attire isn't as formal as you might think though

“There are a lot of maxi dresses and sundresses that are long and are very in this year, so we might see some of that,” CNN royal commentator Victoria Arbiterbut tells Us Weekly. She says that formal attire is “just not appropriate for a daytime wedding.”

Chris Jackson/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Whether you're looking to wear the shirt the day of the event or just have a way to remember the moment, there are tons of shirts out there for you. The most popular seems to the the "when Harry met Meghan" design. You know, similar to the movie When Harry Met Sally, but more royal.

Don't see these as fashion items. Instead see them as a way to get get involved no matter where she is. Act fast though, because the wedding will be here before you know it.

1. Real Life Harry & Meghan

When Harry Met Meghan T-Shirt

Red Bubble

If you're looking to get your point across loud and clear, this is the design for you. There's no British flags or red, white, and blue. Just a simple message of love and rom coms.

2. Simply Meghan & Harry

Meghan + Harry Sweatshirt


Short, sweet, and to the point. It's just simply Meghan + Harry. What do they equal? Apparently it's up to you, but all signs point to love.

3. Cartoon Royal

When Harry Met Meghan Shirt


What's better than having the royals on your t-shirt? Having two caricatures inside a heart. This is a good option if you looking to go a little more abstract with your fandom.

4. Royally Excited

Royally Excited Shirt


Because you don't always need photos to get the point across.

5. Emoji Royals

When Harry Met Meghan Shirt

River Island

It doesn't get more 21st century than this. Bring on the emojis, my friends. You cans tay trendy and still show that you're a fan all in one shirt.

6. Lost Invite

Royal Wedding Shirt


You can let everyone know why you're really not at the royal wedding without even opening your mouth. This is a quirky way to celebrate the big day.

7. Girl Power Tee

Royal Wedding Princess Shirt


There's no better way to commemorate the big day than with all the other women who have married into the royal family as well. Princess Diana, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle are all together in this epic shirt.

8. Cartoon Couple

Royal Wedding Volume 2

Red Bubble

This unisex shirt doesn't need faces to know who is being portrayed. This is a great option for those of you that love royals, but still want to stay a little edgy.

9. The Royal Wedding

The Royal Wedding T-Shirt


This one look a bit more official than all the others. Not to mention you can always wear this for the royal weddings to come as well.

If you're not the on wearing the wedding dress on the big day, you might as well have some fun with your wardrobe.