Avocado Toast-Inspired Sneakers Exist & They're Actually REALLY Cute

The footwear brand that brought you Dunkin' Donuts-themed running sneakers has outdone itself with a new shoe style that is as unique as it is extra. Saucony's Avocado Toast-inspired sneakers just launched and the footwear is beyond adorable. You might not immediately associate your shoes with food or your food with shoes. But these kicks are undeniably fun. With the Avocado Toast sneaker, you can strut your stuff in style.

The Shadow 6000 silhouette is outfitted with all of the delicious details and these kicks almost look good enough to eat. The designers created a pair of athletic trainers where every graphic and component mimics the tasty, open-faced sandwich that populates many brunch menus.

There is an avocado-shaped brand logo on the tongue while the white sole and brown mid-panel evoke the bread and its crust. There are spicy red pepper flake graphics sprinkled all over the top outer lining. You can't have a proper avocado toast — in sneaker or sandwich form — without the essential seasonings. The cutest detail, however, is the work "Saucamole" imprinted on the heel. A good pun is always fashionable.

The Saucony Avocado Toast sneaker is made for all genders and comes with a $130 price tag.

Courtesy of Saucony

The shoes are available in men's sizes 5 to 14, which translates to women's sizes 6.5 to 14.5, according to the posted size conversion chart.

Courtesy of Saucony

There's another really cool and hidden detail that only wearers of these shoes will know. There is a sliced avocado illustration on the bottom insole. The fabric appears textured, just like the skin of a real avocado.

These avocado toast sneakers are currently sold out on the brand's website, but don't be bummed out if you were planning to pick up a pair. You can sign up for an email alert and be notified when your size becomes available again. If these shoes made your mouth water or at least had you thinking about how to incorporate them into your wardrobe, you can quickly create an account on the Saucony site. That will also allow you to unlock further stocking notifications. Bustle also reached out to the brand for restock information.

While the shoe went viral and quickly sold out, the internet's emotions were decidedly mixed.

This nuanced tweet makes a subtle nod to the delightfully extra nature of these sneaks.

Meanwhile, a user on the Saucony Instagram was immediately enamored by the avocado toast sneakers, posting, "You're joking. This is everything to me." Another user remained thoroughly unconvinced about this particular combination. They adopted a "Thank u, next" attitude about the Saucamoles, posting, "I love Saucony shoes and I love avocados... but not everything good combined is good as well."

Courtesy of Saucony

Ultimately, you'll need to exercise some patience while waiting for the avocado toast kicks to restock. When you finally do get your hands, er, feet on them, these sneakers will be excellent addition to any monochromatic outfit. They will provide a perfect splash of color. The sneakers can be worn with leggings on a lazy Sunday or with a denim mini skirt and hoodie for a perfectly executed athleisure ensemble.

Expect the avocado toast shoes to be a conversation starter every time you lace them up.