Simone Biles Designed Caboodles That Look NOTHING Like The '90s Plastic Cases You Once Had

Tim Bradbury/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

It was once frowned upon to long for the past instead of living in the present. But nowadays throwback looks and reminiscing has a revered name — nostalgia. And in 2018, Olympic gymnast Simone Biles is giving us a load of nostalgia by reimagining '90s Caboodles into an active line designed for your inner Sporty Spice

Hustling from the gym to work (or vice versa) isn't always the easiest feat for some gals. Even champs like Simone grew up trying to keep her things in tact while pressed for mirror time, but then found a solution in a '90s beauty organizer.

"Growing up, my parents would give us them and that’s how we would organize our bathrooms," Biles told Bustle in an exclusive interview. Since becoming an avid traveler, Biles needed something functional and on-the-go. "I think it's important because not everyone has enough time to go home, shower, and change."

Biles' design of an updated active version of the Caboodles organizer came about when she noticed there were parts where her own gym bags were lacking.

"There were some missing pieces in some of my bags that I would specifically like, so obviously I would use different things to keep everything together. So, I would put little bags inside of my bag so I knew exactly where everything was. And with my wristbands, I would either wear them all the time or I’d put them into another little container."

Enter the Active by Simone Biles' See Me Duo bag, a clear wipe-clean travel organizer to carry hair ties, jewelry, makeup and other small thingamajiggers. It's one $25 product of the 8-piece collection that's simple, minimalist AF and comes in two sizes. But believe me, you'll want both.

What's makes these little bags even sweeter is that it clasps to what I believe is the main attraction of the entire active collection: The MVP Beauty Pack.

Active by Simone Biles MVP Beauty Pack

In addition to hacking a hiding space for bags inside bags, Biles had nowhere to stash her jewelry during gym time. "Whenever I’d go to the gym I would just stick my jewelry in my shoe," she said, "so we figured, if we can incorporate that into a bag for all of those pieces to go somewhere, it would be perfect."

More than anything, the MVP Beauty Pack was the bag Simone raved about most.

"It has a removable mirror, jewelry compartments, a hair tie holder, water bottle pockets and little nifty things like that where you can take everything with you on-the-go," Biles says. "And you can look stylish, cute, and presentable."

Not to mention, there's space to clip a yoga mat underneath. I may actually be inclined to get my yogi on.

Luckily, the full Caboodles Active by Simone Biles collection is priced between $22-$99, and in even better news it's already available online for you to get into action. The cost isn't steep and you probably already know it's worth it. I mean after all, it's built for and by an Olympic gymnast.