These Bold AF 'Trick' & 'Treat' Lipsticks Will Awaken Your Inner Witch

Halloween season is finally upon us, which means that all of our inner ghouls and goblins are waiting to come out and take over. From decorating your living room in spider webs, to wearing green-and-black striped tights like witches, to wanting to rock black makeup, the season definitely has an aesthetic. And Sugarpill's Trick and Treat Halloween lipsticks will be just the thing to help you express your love for jack-o-lanterns and monsters.

Called the Trick and Treat Bundle, you get two vegan and cruelty-free liquid lipsticks for $36, and they come in the standard "black and orange" holiday color scheme. Trick is a witchy matte black shade that will make you feel like you should be standing over a cauldron or parking your broomstick by the front door. It's not your regular black lipstick shade, though. Any makeup lover will know that the market is saturated with inky, jet black lippies right now, so this particular reiteration uses a blend of orange and green sparkles to give it a supernatural, bewitching look. It also has buildable coverage, letting you go as subtle or bold as you would like.

Treat is on the other side of the holiday color spectrum, dishing up a sparkling metallic copper color. While not a true pumpkin orange, this shade is meant to be "Pumpkin Spice’s flamboyant cousin," working that seasonal treat into the range.

The Halloween theme doesn't end there, where the lippies themselves actually smell and taste like cinnamon, letting you coat your lips with the cozy, fall-themed scent. But if you have cinnamon allergies, you don't have to worry. The scent is synthetic so you won't suffer a reaction if you put it on.

If you think that the colors are bold and brazen, that's the whole shtick behind Sugarpill. The indie makeup brand began with the idea of creating a gender-inclusive makeup line that offers daring shades other brands are afraid to make, opting for bright, saturated colors. Originally, Amy Shrinkle, the creator, used theater paint she adopted from performers in the underground drag clubs she went to, and wanted to bring that kind of intensity to the masses.

"I was frustrated by a beauty market saturated with products which promised to accentuate natural beauty and conceal 'flaws' and fashion magazines which warned against pairing bright blue eyeshadow with bold lips, lest — God forbid! — one attracts too much attention," Shrinkle shared.

"When I realized there was a huge demand for super vibrant, high quality makeup in the club scene, I decided to make it more accessible by selling makeup from the theater store alongside my clothing. It was an instant hit, but I wished I had control over the quality, formula, and colors," the site's bio reads.

And now they're offering up creative colors like Trick and Treat for us to enjoy on the holidays. Seeing how many Halloween beauty looks are being shared via influencers or YouTube videos, then it won't be difficult to find a way to rock these two shades all month long. Whether you incorporate it into your costume or swipe it on to feel festive during a normal weekday, it will put you in the mood for those autumn vibes.