This Brand Just Released Eyeshadows That Have SPF In Them

Courtesy of Supergoop

Sunscreen is imperative to protecting skin. But the task of applying it feels chore-like to many beauty lovers. Not to mention many sunscreens aren't exactly makeup-friendly — until now. Sugergoop’s Shimmershade & Poof Sunscreens dropped on March 18, and beauty fans everywhere will be set to look cute while staying protected from the sun.

Supergoop was started in 2007 as a sun care brand after founder Holly Thaggard discovered a close friend was diagnosed with skin cancer. Supergoop explains its history on the site that Thaggard dived into the world of sun exposure to understand why so few people were concerned with how damaging it is. The mission further explains Thaggard later found that the main reason for its unpopularity was that it didn’t feel good on the skin.

Years later, the entrepreneur designed a better formula and is transitioning into makeup to bring beauty fans a whole new (skin-protective) level of glow in this launch. The Shimmershades come in four cream eyeshadows that make the eyes sparkle, but also ensure the sun’s rays don’t shine too hard on them. Infused with SPF 30, the eyeshadows are long-wearing while containing cleaner ingredient substitutes that still protect the eye lids.

Supergoop is also launching its Poof Part Powder as a SPF for the scalp. The Poof Powder comes packed with SPF 45 to protect the scalp from UV rays, but also won’t ruin your ‘do. Plus, it’s as easy as spraying a mist into a middle part.

According to a press release, both products are the first launches that introduce the brand into the beauty space, but insists on putting skin exposure first.

The Shimmershade SPF 30 retails for $24 and the Poof Part Powder SPF 45 will set you back $34. Both are available online now on Supergoop’s website and will be ready to purchase on March 21. For in-store access, the products hit Sephora shelves on March 29.

Shimmershade Set

While fans can purchase the shadows individually for $24, they can also buy the complete Shimmershade set for $96. Plus, it comes with a cute (and free) reflective rainbow pouch.

Supergoop offers the Shimmershades in "First Light", a champagne shade, "Golden Hour" a peachy bronze, "Sunset", a chocolate brown shimmer, and "Daydream", a peachy pink shimmer. All of the shadows feature a mix of rose, roman chamomile, jasmine, and sunflower work to provide antioxidant protection and soothe the lid area.

By all means, use a brush, but this cream eyeshadow is best applied with the fingers. Users can tap the Shimmershadows to stand alone or even as a shimmery base under eyeshadow.

The Poof Part Powder is a 100% mineral-based SPF that doesn’t give sunscreen wearers the greasy texture many fans used to know. Meant to be applied on dry hair, post hairspray, the powder is translucent and acts like a dry shampoo. Not to mention it's good for all hair types.

Applying sunscreen doesn't have to be a chore. It can be a fun part of your daily skin care routine with this new launch.