Where To Buy The Bdellium Tools "I Am First" Brush…

If you've ever left an affirming post-it note on your mirror or had a ritual of throwing finger guns at your reflection before hopping out the door for the day, then you're going to love these new ego-boosting brushes. But where can you buy the The Bdellium Tools "I Am First" Brush Set? To get them you won't even have to leave your house — they're just a quick click away.

If you have a nice supply of makeup brushes you might be wondering what this particular set offers you that you don't already have. And the answer to that is self-love. There might be times you look in the mirror and don't 100 percent love what you see, but these tools will do their best to remind you you're lovely and aren't lacking in any way.

"Not only are the handles a cheery shade of yellow, but they're also stamped with a positive and motivational affirmation," Allure reported. "So whether you're in need of a quick confidence boost before a big interview or just a small reminder of how awesome you are, these brushes have your back." Just like a post-it note that says "You're so beautiful" or a promise to be more body positive when coming out of the shower, these brushes add to the whole "love yourself" mission.

You get 10 brushes in the set, and the affirmations include I Am Loved, I Am Present, I Am Confident, I Am Happy, I Am Beautiful, I Am Determined, I Am Ready, I Am Enough, I Am Strong, and I Am Able. With a collection of 10, you can be sure you'll be well equipped to pull off any dramatic, smokey makeup look or, at the very least, have the tools to play yourself up with a toned-down weekday face.

In addition to the bolstering message on the actual brushes, Bdellium also devised a social media campaign that encourages beauty lovers to go online and share their thoughts on self-acceptance. "The company is also asking users to share their own stories of self-love, as well as their experiences with the brushes, on social media (Facebook/Twitter/Instagram) using the hashtag #IAMFIRST," Allure reported.

These brushes will be available in January for 75 dollars, and you can pre-order them at now. Why not start off your morning with a little bit of a confidence boost?

Images: Bdellium