The Benefit x Quay Sunglasses Collaboration Is As Ace As You'd Expect

Courtest of Quay

Attention: the latest trendy makeup and fashion brand collaboration is here. Benefit and Quay Australia have teamed up for a sunglasses capsule collection that ushers in shades season. The partnership is perhaps unsurprising: After all, both the beauty brand and the sunnies company focus on the eyes. Benefit is known for its brow products, mascaras, and eyeliners while Quay has built its Instagram-adored reputation on the back of its trendy, affordable frames.

For this collab, the brands have created three pairs of stylish sunglasses, each of which comes in both black and pink options. The Benefit x Quay collaboration will be available on both brands' websites beginning on April 3. The price range is $55 to $60, which falls in line with most of Quay's offerings. The collection is absolutely playful and pretty. Good luck trying to decide which shape and hue to grab.

Allure got the first scoop on the Benefit and Quay sunglasses collab. Erin Kramer of Benefit explained just how organic this partnership is, telling the publication, "We love how our individual styles came together in these sunnies. Benefit is built on fun and laughter, and these shades were designed to have fun in.”

The summer-ready pairs are oversized and slightly vintage looking. There's Tinted Love, which is a large and circular frame. Shade Queen is sporty with an '80s energy and is the square shield style. Shook boasts a slightly rounded cat-eye silhouette.

This collaboration is basically everything you want, need, love, and expect from both of these modern and edgy brands. Quay CEO Jodi Bricker told Allure, "We love Benefit's bold and girly contrast, and we were excited to bring that to life in this capsule collection."

Courtesy of Quay

The brands did tease a pair of shades with open lenses to allow for eyebrow grooming in its email newsletter and on Instagram for April Fool's Day. But that was just a little joke in advance of this utterly lit launch — the rest of the line is truly happening.

You can sign up for an email on the Quay site right now to be alerted at the exact moment the glasses go on sale on April 3. Here's a look at everything in the collab.

1. Tinted Love Black

Daylight saving time means you get to wear shades for longer periods of time during the day. You’ll so be reaching for this pair through fall and its shorter days.

2. Tinted Love Pink

If you already have a black sunglasses collection that is teeming with options, why not go for a pink pair instead?

3. Shade Queen Black

The metal studs give this oversized, shield-shaped pair such a killer edge.

4. Shade Queen Pink

These oversized sunnies will protect your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding them.

5. Shook Black

Shook is the coolest take on the classic cat eye shape.

6. Shook Pink

You'll live in these milky pink frames with amber lenses all summer.

There's also a pink sunglasses chain for $15 that allows you to wear your frames like a necklace. Or you can still pop them atop your head like a headband when indoors.

No matter how you wear them, Quay's sunglasses collaboration with Benefit is an absolutely ace addition your shades wardrobe.