Zooey Deschanel’s Feminist Tee Flips The Script & Smashes Stereotypes

Fashion can be a powerful tool of change, especially when boasting a stigma-shattering message. Zooey Deschanel recently used style to do just this, wearing a simple T-shirt to spread an important message. The New Girl actor and singer wore a feminist shirt with the phrase "Hysterical Female" boldly printed on it. Deschanel posted a black-and-white selfie on Instagram wearing the Rachel Antonoff-designed shirt.

The tee nods to an outdated, outmoded, and downright ridiculous medical diagnosis that was historically reserved for women, characterizing them as irrational and emotionally unstable. But we all know those stereotypes still persist today, even if not under the same name.

The shirt does important work to take back this phrase, and reclaim a woman's right to emotion and expression. The word "hysterical" was also historically used as a way to stigmatize mental illness, so reclaiming it had even more meaning as a way to promote mental health awareness.

So where can you buy Zooey Deschanel's feminist t-shirt?

The white tee with black letters is available at Rachel Antonoff's site. Yes, Rachel is the fashion designer sister of Jack Antonoff, musician and BF of Lena Dunham. The top is $45 and comes in unisex sizing. It runs from XS to XXL, but is only currently available for pre-order to ship on Sept. 7, per the site description.

This is the quintessential tee to add to your fall wardrobe, and is perfect to layer with skinnies, leggings, a long cardi, or a cropped leather jacket. Or tuck it into a black leather mini and pair with ankle booties.

OK, at least that's how I personally would wear it. But know this — it goes with everything and makes an activist statement.

Courtesy of Rachel Antonoff

The product description on the site reads: "Calling all hysterics! Let everyone on the Senate floor know who they're dealing with."

It's an important message, especially in this political climate when women's rights are under attack. Women have the right to get angry and vocal — and can now assert that right through fashion.

Courtesy of Rachel Antonoff

The black sweatshirt version of Deschanel's shirt is available for $85 and runs from XS to XL. You can proudly tout your feminism when the temps dip, too.