This '90s Disney Collection Will Make You Feel SO Nostalgic

If there's anything in the world that turns frowns into smiles it's probably related to Disney. Any mention of your favorite Disney characters from the '90s making a comeback into 2018 is a surefire way to confuse grown-ups for children. To be fair, when Disney themes intertwine with '90s fashion, it's news that warrants some high-pitched shrieking.

Your childhood dreams are realized today, '90s kids, as Disney has once again joined forces with Oh My Disney in a flashback collection (offers sizes XXS-4XL). Inspired by the decade hip to most millennial nostalgia, this collection to brings a load of "Hakuna Matata" to crop tops and denim jackets.

The collection celebrates some of Disney's classic characters from movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Lion King, Aladdin, Hercules, and A Goofy Movie in a series of tees, jackets, home goods, and even some VHS-inspired gems to take you back to the days of tapes.

From tops to scarves and skirts, this collection carries basic pieces for you to function on your day-to-day, while still leaving a stamp of Disney design packed with memorabilia. If you're a Disney lover (which, how can you not be), then this is a collection you'll be fan-girling for.

Ready for one of the most gag-worthy pieces in the collection? It's this Aladdin denim jacket that'll probably replace all others in your wardrobe.

Sporting a patch of the beloved blue Genie on the front near the chest pocket and the personified carpet on the back, there's no denying that this jacket is a roundabout look for any Aladdin fan.

Aladdin Denim Jacket

If a magic carpet Genie jacket isn't enough to get you in the Disney mood, then maybe its one of these oversized sweatshirts inspired by A Goofy Movie.

Where there's fall foliage and pumpkin spice, there's a comfy sweatshirt (albeit two sizes too big) not very far behind. This cleverly Disney-designed pullover will put you in A Goofy Movie mood. On the sleeves is the exact year in which the animated film was made with a "19" on one sleeve and "92" on the other. The sweater is even cooler if it also happens to be your birthday year.

Max Pullover

Surely you're in the mood to sniff out your dusty VHS player, but why bother when the internet exists, and you can carry one of these VHS clutches. Yes, you read that right.

It wouldn't be the '90s without VHS tapes, so this collection is bringing back the classics with these Disney movie clutches to mimic the retro tech in a bag to go. The group of clutches features a selection of VHS-inspired bags from the movies previously mentioned in addition to The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Each of the clutches retails for $24.95, so you'll most likely want to collect them all if you're a true fan. Who wouldn't when it's Disney?

The entire collection of apparel, home goods, and knickknacks are available now on the Shop Disney site. But if there's a chance to snatch up a pair of Ariel mermaid leggings, you should do so, stat!