Where To Buy The Rose Gold Minnie Ear Necklace, So You Can Take The Magic With You Everywhere

If you think that Minnie ears were just made for strolling around the park, think again. As PopSugar found, Disney created a Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ear Necklace, so that you can carry the magic with you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, you'll only be able to buy them at the parks though, so you'll need to start planning your next trip. It's not the only rose gold swag you can snag at the park, either.

It has been the summer of rose gold, and Disney isn't stopping any time soon. Although the sparkly ears, backpack, and wallet are great, Disney's Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ear Necklace is the most wearable yet. Designed by Rebecca Hook, the necklace has a simple chain with the exact replica of those trendy rose gold ears hanging from the chain.

The necklace might be love at first sight, but keep in mind that they're super exclusive. Like mentioned above, the Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Ear Necklace is only available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World.

There's also one more downside to the necklace — the price. According to PopSugar, the mini Minnie Mouse ears will cost you a cool $125. The publication also reports that it will only be available for a limited time.

Bustle reached out to the brand to confirm all the details on this gorgeous rose gold accessory.

This rose gold merch is definitely a trend to watch this summer. It all started with the rose gold sequin Minnie Mouse ears. People loved them so much that Disney created a millennial pink park jersey to go with it. As if that wan't enough, the brand also released completely sequined backpacks and wallets to go with it.

Just like the necklaces, all the other merch is only available at Disneyland and Walt Disney World. It's also limited edition as well. So the only way to get the perfect millennial pink Instagram pic is to get to plan your trip and cross your fingers that the items are still available.

If you're not ready to book a trip for the merch, there are plenty of other rose gold Minnie and Mickey Mouse necklaces to shop. Whether you're looking to spend a little or a whole lot, here are some accessories that will let you carry the magic around with you everywhere you go.

Rose Gold & Diamonds

Mickey Mouse Icon Silhouette Pendant Necklace by CRISLU


You can't go wrong with all Disney with a little bit of bling. This necklace might be simple, but everyone will know that you love Mickey.

2. Sparkly Minnie

Rose Gold Minnie Mouse Necklace


Mickey is great and all, but sometimes you just need a little Minnie Mouse in your life.

3. Simple Minnie

Rose gold Minnie Mouse ears necklace pendant


If diamonds aren't your thing, this is the necklace for you. It's the perfect way to take the ears with you without being too over-the-top.

4. 18K Mickey

Mickey Mouse Diamond Necklace - 18 Karat


This might look simple, but it's worth a whole lot. The solid rose gold Mickey head is for the most dedicated fans.

5. Mickey Ears

Diamond and 14K Ear Hat Mickey Mouse Ear Hat Necklace


Minnie's ears got her time to shine, and apparently Mickey did as well. You just have to pay a little more for them.

6. Two-Tone Duo

Two-Tone Disney Mickey and Minnie Mouse Necklace


This might not be all rose gold, but it's still super cute. You get Mickey andMinnie hooked together as one.

7. Minnie's Bow

Minnie Mouse Bow Diamond Pendant Necklace - Rose Gold


Or you could just skip the ears all together and opt for the bow. Because it's just as iconic and even cuter.

Unlike the one mentioned above, all of these necklace are available online. Because if you're going to splurge on a necklace, you might not be able to splurge on a vacation as well.