Where To Buy The 'Rugrats' Reptar Costume Because This Is The Perfect '90s Throwback


You are sure to see a lot of '90s throwback costumes this Halloween, spanning from Spinelli from Recess to Quailman from Doug. But arguably the best costume just might be this Rugrats inflatable Reptar costume. Yes, you read those four magic words right.

There are so many Saturday morning cartoons to choose from to inspire your Oct. 31 pick, but Halloween revelers get such a charge when a person comes to a party dressed up as a minor character rather than one of the starring roles. It's unexpected, but it also brings up so many nostalgic memories — you might not remember the Reptar on a normal day-to-day basis, but when you see someone dressed up as the dino for Halloween, all these kid memories come rushing back. The scenes of Tommy Pickles eating Reptar cereal in the morning and to the crew riding around in a Reptar plastic car come flooding back and boom, you have the best costume in the party.

You can be that person! But be warned: It will cost you.

Retailer ThinkGeek describes all you can do in your inflatable Reptar costume, writing, "The great thing about a Reptar costume is that you can't really go wrong. Want to chase your kid around the house? Do it. Want to reenact 'Reptar on Ice'? Hope you can ice skate. Want to eat some Reptar cereal? Okay, that may be difficult. So, this makes almost everything better, and that's a success rate we're okay with."

Rugrats Inflatable Reptar, $80, ThinkGeek

The costume is officially-licensed Rugrats merchandise, meaning you won't get it in the mail and notice that something is slightly off just to avoid a lawsuit. It's made out of 100 percent polyester, is suitable for handwashing, and you can air dry it afterwards. It comes with a battery-operated fan to keep it inflated all night long, and the costume is one size fits most adults. You can get it for a cool $80 over ThinkGeek, reinforcing the fact that nostalgia usually does have a hefty price tag.

If you love Reptar but rather not run around in an inflatable costume all night — after all, what if your shenanigans lead you into something pointy? — ahead are some fun Rugrats costumes you can try out instead.

1. DIY Chuckie Finster Costume

Andrea Garcia on YouTube

In this tutorial, you'll figure out how to DIY Chuckie's infamous glasses, as well as his Saturn shirt and playful shorty shorts. The vlogger used a long red wig, but don't be afraid to put some scissors to your faux coif and try to recreate his close crop of bed hair.

2. DIY Susie Carmichael Costume

CharyJay on YouTube

This vlogger shows you just how to DIY Susie's twists at home using pipe cleaners, as well as offer some ideas on how to recreate her sunny yellow dress. While this vloggers dress didn't quite turn out like Susie's, here's a great idea to add a hoop into the bottom of your skirt to give it that cartoon "flip."

3. Cynthia DIY

lucykiins on YouTube

Want to be Angelica Pickle's creepy Barbie doll for Halloween? This tutorial has you covered, including a perfect replica of the doll's electrocuted, near-balding hair. It's seriously amazing and a little unsettling, which is exactly the reaction you're going for when it comes to a costume, anyway.

Whether you want to splurge on a Reptar costume with a battery operated fan or decide to go to Goodwill and DIY your own Rugrats-inspired look, everyone is sure to be obsessed with your throwback costume. In fact, they may just hear that marimba-heavy iconic theme music when you enter the party.