Coffee Lovers Will Love This 'Shark Tank' Product

by Jordan Lauf
Michael Desmond/ABC

When you think about what makes a great cup of coffee, you're probably thinking about the quality of the coffee bean, and not necessarily about the quality of the water you're using to brew it. Thankfully, some other coffee fiends have thought about it for you. Third Wave Water has been featured on Shark Tank, and it looks like a simple and ingenious way to ensure that your coffee experience is always top notch, whether you're brewing in a french press or your crappy machine from college. But what is Third Wave Water?

The thing is, Third Wave Water isn't really... water. At least, not in the way you'd probably imagine. The product is really a mineral supplement that you pour into your water before you use it to brew your coffee. The company's website states, "the capsule contains the perfect amount of calcium, magnesium, and sodium that will take a gallon of de-mineralized water and turn it into the best water possible for your favorite coffee beans."

The product looks really easy to use. You just pour one capsule per one gallon of water, shake it up, and then use that water to brew your coffee! Whether or not there is a perceivable difference in taste is up to you to decide, but it seems like the founders of the company have really put in a lot of effort to determine what they believe is the absolute superior coffee-brewing water. In fact, their website boasts that they've conducted "extensive research and experimentation" to create the supposed perfect balance of minerals. They even share that "Third Wave Water capsules are compliant with The Specialty Coffee Association’s (SCA) guidelines for optimum brewing water." I could have gone to the grave never knowing that there is a Special Coffee Association filled with all of the world's coffee lovers out there, but now I know — and you do too.

Third Wave Water, $20, Amazon

You can find the product on Third Wave Water's website, and, luckily, having the perfect water for brewing coffee won't break the bank. The "Classic Profile" is being sold at $15 for 12 capsules, each of which treats 1 gallon of water. But if you're thinking, wait, what if this optimized coffee water isn't actually optimal for my espresso? Not to fear, Third Wave Water has thought of everything, and there is a "Espresso Profile" available on their site, for also only $15. You can also buy the products on Amazon if you want that sweet free two-day shipping via Amazon Prime.

But even though it may be easy to make fun of the company for what could be perceived as coffee snobbery, the company isn't without a sense of humor. In the timeline of Third Wave Water featured on their website, there is a section titled "Shots Fired" in which the company acknowledges an article written about them in The Blaze entitled "Hipsters Manage to Ruin Coffee." Ouch. But founders Taylor Minor and Charles Nick didn't take the diss lying down, shooting back with "Taylor drives a minivan and Charles owns a Camry... Our jeans don't have holes in them... I didn’t know we were hipsters." Burn! Or should I say... roast.

There are certainly enough people out there who seem to be drinking more coffee than water, and probably would be more than happy to shell out a few extra bucks to make their at-home brew taste even better. Who needs that daily coffee shop run if your coffee can taste that good at home? Coffee seems to make the world go round, so this is certainly the kind of market the Shark Tank sharks will want to get in on at the ground floor.