Where To Buy Vegan Birkenstocks

by Rosie Narasaki

Your favorite eco-friendly shoewear brand is officially going vegan — so, where can you buy vegan the new Birkenstocks? Luckily for us, the non-leather Birks will be available pretty much all the places the old ones were — at the official online store starting in January, as well as select retailers across the U.S. starting in February.

For the record, the vegan versions of the shoes are actually already available overseas — they even won a Vegan Fashion Award from PETA in Germany in 2016, and it's exciting to see that the U.S. will soon have their own stock of animal product-free Birkenstocks to shop. As U.S. company spokesperson Scott Radcliffe told Yahoo Style, "This season, we are offering more styles to the U.S. market and marketing them as a true Vegan Collection ... We decided to increase our product portfolio with vegan styles to cater to Birkenstock fans that look equally for animal-friendly products as well as comfort and style." Any vegans out there holding back from the popular Birkenstocks sandals can officially rest easy now.

There will be lots of styles available — right now, molded one-piece synthetic waterproof models are available in the Arizona, Madrid, and Rio styles, and soon vegan leather versions of the Arizona, Gizeh, and Boston styles will be up for purchase as well.

Arizona Essentials, $35, Nordstrom

What do you think of Birkenstock's latest venture? As PETA director of corporate affairs Anne Brainard said to Yahoo Style, "These iconic vegan styles meet the skyrocketing demand for footwear that’s as trendy and comfortable as it is kind to animals and the environment."

Madrid Essentials, $30, Nordstrom

Will you be shopping the new looks? Seems like they're arriving in time for the upcoming spring season.