Where To Buy Velvet Ankle Boots, The Biggest Footwear Trend Of The Season

Attention all '90s fans: the velvet trend is officially back, and it's perfect to wear on your feet. This is especially great news for someone like me, who held onto her red tufted spaghetti strap dress about five Christmases too long. And knowing where to buy velvet ankle boots — an especially popular nostalgic footwear trend on Pinterest — is sure to help boost your wardrobe. Now all we need to do is bring back the neon inflatable furniture sets, and I'll confidently be able to say that I'm thrilled about where the online shopping market is headed.

I've always been really into ankle boots because I find them to be a quick and easy way to finish off any outfit, and as someone who loves to go casual in a dress or give a formal spin to jeans, they suit absolutely all my footwear needs. Now that they're paired with velvet, however, ankle boots are virtually unstoppable.

Whether you're into that shimmery, blatantly-velvet look or a more subdued style that's combined with suede, the good news is that online stores are going nuts with this trend. That means you've got tons of different designs to choose from, and all of them will give your feet a modern yet comfortingly nostalgic style this winter.