This Mermaid Kitten Eyeshadow Palette Is SO Millennial It Actually Hurts

Now that the mermaid trend has been in full swing for a couple of years, makeup companies are becoming more and more creative when it comes to their reiterations. After all, the majority of us have just about seen every kind of fish-scale shade imaginable. But one beauty brand in particular is about to bring forth something totally unexpected and new. Winky Lux made a Mermaid Kitten Palette, and it's so Millennial that it hurts. What better way to grab a whole generation's attention than to combine the underwater-kingdom-mysticism of mermaids with fluffy furball kittens?

As unforeseen as the mashup is, the palette has a pretty and useful mix of colors that will help you create everything from dramatic night time looks to subtle daytime eyes.

"Introducing our Mermaid Kitten Palette — the perfect blend of two perfect creatures," the product description reads. "Our 9 new under-the-sea shades in Shimmer, Pearlescent, and Matte finishes will transform you into a truly magical creature with one swipe of the brush. Purrrfect, isn't it?"

The usual ocean-themed shades are there, where you get a glittering blue, metallic purple, and bright teal, but then that color range is mixed in with fur-like shades of light yellow and sandy pink.

From the top row to the left, you have "Sand Dollar," which is a pearlescent, pale yellow; "Seafoam," which is an iridescent white glitter that makes you think of literal foam; and "Topless," which is a champagne lilac in a satin finish. On the second row you have "Pink Sands," which is a matte peach; "Ursula," which is inspired by the Little Mermaid character and captures the villain's deep satin plum perfectly (and adds a bit of sparkle for drama;) and "Under the Sea" is a glittering ocean blue.

In the last row you have "Siren," which is a shimmering turquoise-teal shade; "Seaweed" is a deep, matte teal-green that looks like the literal color of seaweed (don't let it touch your foot!) and "Treasure" is a soft, satin gold with a hint of glitter that will make you think of underwater treasure chests.

While none of the shadows have any cat-inspired names, that doesn't mean you can't create feline looks. Winky Lux offered some makeup looks to show the versatility of the palette, proving that there are a bevy of ingenious ways that you can mix and match the shadows.

For example, there is this cat eye like shadow look that incorporates different levels of green, teal, and blue.

Then there is this blue-leaning look, which takes the deep tones of the sea, and mixes it with bright splashes of white and pearlescent hues. It looks both catty and mermaid-like at the same time.

Or if you want to incorporate some browns and peaches to your look, then you can mix the champagne colors with the green hues for a smokey but fall-appropriate look.

Whether you want to go feline or under-the-sea-mermaid is up to you. Either way you will have a bold and creative makeup look that will let you flex those creative muscles.