Where To Find Ghost Stories That Will Actually Creep You Out

Ah, ghost stories. They're not just a campfire classic. The thrill of a scary story can haunt you year round if you'd like. And they're especially potent in October, when it's traditionally rumored that the gate between the physical and spiritual world is cracked open for goblins and spirits to creep through. If you're chasing this kind of chilling thrill, you'll want to know where to find ghost stories to creep yourself out. Just be warned, you might also want to add a nightlight to your Amazon shopping cart after binging on tales of the dead.

There are many different varieties of scary stories. Those that reel you in on ever suspenseful word and then make you jump with a surprising, "BOO!" There are those that involve unexplained phenomena like slamming doors and flickering lights. They can be heartbreaking or they can be wicked. But without fail, they are always bone chilling and leaving your arm hair reaching up for the stars. It's that heart-pounding, leave the lights on kind of tale that keep us coming back for more.

If you're looking for an array of tales, about ghosts that are much more insidious than Casper, there are a few places you can go for a scare. From old books to historical societies, you could come across the kinds of ghost stories that are just to die for.

Your Childhood Book Collection

Creep yourself out by turning to your childhood. Books you might still have on your shelf — or that may be in storage — could be full of the haunting stories you're seeking. Remember the Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark series? Stephen Gammell's sketchy illustrations of the classic creepy tales were enough to make me keep my lights on at night. The stories recorded in the book have haunted me into adulthood. The one about the ghost at the bus stop? Um, what about the classic "The Green Ribbon" story in another Alvin Schwartz classic creepy collection In a Dark, Dark Room and Other Scary Stories? I am beside myself with shivers thinking about that ~twisted~ ending right now.

We all knew what was up with creepy ghost stories before we hit the double digits.

Your Local Library

The library down the street could have books on books on books of stories that will rock you to your core. From smaller, local tales of hauntings to larger more insidious legends, you could find what you're looking for. Check it out.


There is nothing quite like watching a ghost story re-enactment on TV. Is this not why we tuned into every "real ghost story" show ever made?! A ghost hunting show is one thing, but hearing someone's personal account of a ghostly encounters is another. Lucky for us, Netflix has just released a new series that will itch our scratch for this type of show. On Oct. 19 Haunted was released — or rather, unearthed — on Netflix. The trailer depicts ghost stories from possessions to poltergeists re-enacted with that top-notch Netflix production value. Basically, you'll want to sage your home after viewing.


This online community is the headquarters of creepy ghost stories. Head over to /r/nosleep, and you'll get what you want. You'll also, consequentially, be looking over your shoulders ever other second. So don't stare at your computer screen for too long.

Historical Societies

Local ghost stories are the creepiest. Who or what lurks in your neighborhood? Head to your local historical society and take a walking tour, especially if you live in a city with a lot of backstory and cobble stone streets. Local historians are the most underrated ghost story tellers out there. They're in the know of what spirits are left behind in the place you call home.


Why not get cultured and creeped out at the same time? Museums can be loaded with ghost stories. Maybe not a modern art museum, but old battleships that have been turned into a museum? Yes. Museums in old mansions? Probably haunted. Ask the staff if they've ever experienced anything in these old places and you might be surprised to leave learning more about what's just on display.

Ask Someone

If you're looking for ghost stories to creep you out, you can always go the camp fire way! Gather your crew for some pre-Halloween festivities and ask if anyone has a ghost story that they'd like to share. There's something about sitting in a circle, in a dim room, listening to the details of a friend's personal ghost story that can really make you hold your breath.