24-Karat Gold Ice Cream Exists & It Looks GORGEOUS

Now would be an appropriate time to get Bruno Mars' "24K Magic" stuck in your head. In fact, make it your theme song for your next ice cream run, which you're gonna wanna make after you find out where to get this 24-karat gold ice cream cone. Yes, that's right: You can literally eat this treat that looks more like treasure than a dessert. Who doesn't want to feel like they've uncovered a trove of sparkling, glistening gold?! Apart from being Meghan Markle, there is no better way to feel like royalty.

There's definitely a golden trend making waves in the food world. For starters, there was a donut draped in 24-karat gold that put the pastry lover back $100. There was the "Douche Burger" that cost $666 dollars and included a hamburger patty enveloped in gold. Then everyone's favorite affordable breakfast, the bagel, was upgraded to out-of-my-price range to a whopping $1,000. That sounds like it would be a lot of cream cheese. Nope, just gold. These are food items that I'd rather have without precious metal. But ice cream cones? That's a topping, if it doesn't cost my entire life savings, I would be willing to digest.

Thankfully this 24-karat gold ice cream cone, which is available at California-based ice cream store Snowopolis, won't put you in debt. And with that in mind, I'll be planning a trip out to the Golden State very soon to get my hands on this.

Contrary to what you'd think would be common sense, you don't need a treasure map to locate this cone. The X that marks the spot is Anaheim, California's Snowopolis which is conveniently locations a sprinkles throw away from Disneyland park so every dream you ever had could come true. The cone is dripping in gold, the best topping ever since rainbow sprinkles, and it premiered on Feb. 23. The best part is you won't have to fork — or spoon — over hundreds of dollars for a single lick. The cone will cost you $14.95. A little more pricey than your typical double scoop, sure — but this isn't your typically kind of cone!

If you're wondering what gold actually tastes, like I can assure you that it won't taste like eating your grandma's heirloom jewelry or something. And it won't introduce a new flavor foreign to your palate. According to Spoon University, "It’s just vanilla ice cream, but coated in gold leaves." You won't be able to taste anything but the ice cream at all. The leaves are there to add a glamorous effect suitable for royalty which we all deserve to feel like sometimes. Even if it's just on an ice cream run.

While gold ice cream might just look like a dessert composed for it's Instagram close up, it's actually really good, because it's actually just regular old ice cream. It's simply made over to look a little more appetizing than usual. It's the perfect dessert to turn to if you're looking to treat yourself and treat yourself well. Why get a regular scoop when you can upgrade to a dessert on ~this level~?! Anaheim might be right outside of Los Angeles, home to Hollywood and movie stars, but that doesn't mean you can't feel like a celebrity in Orange County. Lest we forget that The O.C. was the home of Seth Cohen!

With this ice cream now on your radar, why not check travel deals to Anaheim? This sounds like the perfect vacation to kick off a ~rich~ summer of ice cream and traveling. Between Mickey Mouse waffles at Disneyland and vanilla ice cream draped in golden flakes, it looks like Anaheim is turning into quite the destination for foodie travelers. Don't miss out on this treasure of a cone!