This Is How You Can Get Free Ben & Jerry's Whilst Helping Out An Amazing Cause

Ben & Jerrys'

Did you know that Ben & Jerry's offer free ice cream for one day every year? Yeah, I didn't either. Even though the annual Free Cone Day has been and gone, UK fans of the Vermont-based company can rejoice as they are offering free cups of ice cream across the country this week, and it's all for a fantastic cause. So, exactly where can you get free Ben & Jerry's, and what is this delightful event in aid of?

Well, look out for a Ben & Jerry's ice cream van while you're out and about, because it'll be making its way across the UK starting today (Oct. 29) in Leeds. It will then continue on to Exeter (Oct. 30) and London (Nov. 1), before ending in Cardiff (Nov. 7), according to The Sun. Even though the van will only be stopping at four cities this week, it will be setting up shop pretty much all day (11am until 4pm), so you'll have quite a lot of time to pick up your free tub.

You'll be able to savour your favourite (and Fairtrade) flavours, as Ben & Jerry's will be offering scoops of their most popular treats — yes, that includes Cookie Dough. If that isn't enough, there will also be free hot chocolate made with, wait for it, Chocolate Fudge Brownie. I can't.

Ben & Jerry's

So, why are Ben & Jerry's treating the UK with free ice cream? It's to raise awareness for the company's Waiting Isn't Working campaign. Partnered with charity Refugee Action, Ben & Jerry's are striving to make a change "as part of the Lift the Ban coalition to ask our government to give people seeking asylum the right to work."

Those who come to the UK looking for asylum can't work while waiting for their claim to be reviewed by the government. As The Sun reported, "it can take up to six months for asylum seekers' claims to stay in the UK to be approved or rejected," which "prevents refugees from being able to provide for their families or integrate into communities." This is unacceptable, and it needs to change.

Ben & Jerry's

While you can easily get involved with the Waiting Isn't Working campaign online by signing this petition, the tour gives more people the chance to connect and understand the issue at hand. "We love to get out on the road to connect with our fans over a scoop and dig a little deeper on important issues," Ben & Jerry's UK Social Mission Manager told Metro.

"If we can mobilise the huge numbers of people already in support of giving people seeking asylum the right to work then together we can drive a historic change, there's no time to waste."

Ben & Jerry's

And this isn't the first time that Ben & Jerry's have championed a good cause, as they've "always stood up for issues that matter to [them], led by guiding principles of fairness and equality," as they state on their site.

"We believe that everyone deserves a little peace, love and safety, which is why we're asking our fans to join us in calling our government here in the UK to give people seeking asylum the right to work."

I can't think of anything more perfect than discussing this important issue over a free tub of ice cream, can you?