Where To Get Rosé Ice Cream This Summer

When you think of summery treats, two things probably come to mind: rosé and ice cream. They're usually enjoyed separately, but a California-based ice cream shop has managed to combine their powers into a single, delicious snack. That's right — rosé ice cream now exists, thereby proving that dreams really do come true. (Also, the rosé craze knows no boundaries). What a time to be alive!

The concoction can be found at Smitten Ice Cream, a "churned to order" ice cream shop famous for locally sourced and organic ingredients. To create the boozy flavor, which they decided to call Sonoma Rosé, the shop joined forces with a pastry chef, Emily Luchetti. As the ice cream is made, Smitten's signature base is infused with Scribe Winery's Una Lou Rosé, a canned wine made from pinot noir grapes. When the folks at Refinery 29 were given a chance to try it, they wrote that the resulting ice cream is "slightly fruity" at first, but you can quickly taste the alcohol. Oh, and that reminds me — when I say it's boozy, I mean it. According to Cosmopolitan, the flavor has an ABV of 3.5 percent. It's not the kind of thing that will get you drunk, but if you're looking for a buzz to go along with your indulgence, Sonoma Rosé is clearly the trendiest option.

Obviously, rosé lovers will want to get their hands on this as soon as possible. Fortunately, the limited-time flavor is available in a few different places this summer. You can find Sonoma Rosé at Smitten locations across California and on the menu of the San Francisco French restaurant, Petit Marlowe. If you live in Los Angeles, the ice cream will also be sold at Smorgasburg Los Angeles every Sunday through Labor Day. Non-Californians can buy it online in bulk.

Even if you prefer not to eat your rosé with a spoon, you may want to check out Smitten Ice Cream anyway. The chain has a history of creating funky flavors, from Earl Grey to Chrismukkah, a spicy holiday flavor; currently, its seasonal offerings include Honey Thyme and Blueberry Lavender. The shops use liquid nitrogen to speed up the creation process, and each order is created while you wait.

If you're inexplicably against rosé but love the idea of boozy ice cream, you're in luck. Mercer's Dairy in New York offers an entire line of wine-infused ice cream flavors, and the ice cream "barlour" Tipsy Scoop recently opened in New York City. Who knew alcohol and ice cream could be such a popular combination?

With Smitten Ice Cream's creation, I would say that we've reached peak rosé, but wine lovers are nothing if not creative. I, for one, can't wait to see — and more importantly, eat — what's next. In the meantime, is anyone up for rosé milkshakes?