Where To Get Starburst All Pink Packages & Make Your Strawberry Candy Dreams Come True

Courtesy of Starburst

This spring, Starburst is making all your candy dreams come true with the launch of All Pink Starburst packages! The monochromatic fruit chew offerings will only be available for a limited time this April, so learning where to get Starburst All Pink packages is key to not missing out. The limited edition candy packs will be filled to the brim with sweet, strawberry-flavored squares, happily taking the guesswork out of choosing a roll of the beloved fruit chews.

It’s no secret that pink Starburst reigns supreme among the flavors; it's been a favorite of Starburst fans since it joined the original flavor lineup in 1984. While some enthusiasts may argue that cherry red has stood the test of time, nothing gets people excited like finding a pack full of pinks! Conversely, nothing was more disappointing in childhood than swapping precious Halloween candy for a two-pack of Starburst only to find that they were both yellow. Ugh.

Starburst color distribution has been the source of countless blog and Reddit posts, mathematical equations, and even some conspiracy theories for good reason. It seemed every time I bought a sleeve of the fruit chews there was a disproportionate amount of one color — but it was rarely the one I wanted (no offense, yellow). Thankfully, Starburst has heard our calls — or, rather, social media posts — and is finally sorting out all the unwanted flavors.

"On social media, we’re seeing people talk about pink Starburst more than any other flavor; there’s even a meme about being treated 'like a Pink Starburst,'" Matt Montei, Senior Director of Confections at Wrigley, told Mashable. "The Pink conversation and fanfare has continued to grow so we decided to act."

So where will these special All Pink packs be available? Starburst fans will be able to find their favorite flavor at select stores including Walmart, Walgreens, Target, Kroger, Meijer, and H-E-B nationwide. For those who prefer to have their All Pink Starburst shipped directly to their door, the limited edition candy will also be available for order on Amazon. Honestly, this is the best news since Starburst released its "FaveREDS" Packs in 2015 with nothing but cherry, watermelon, strawberry, and fruit punch flavors.

All Pink Starburst packages will be available in a variety of sizes, including 41-ounce and 14-ounce packs and two-ounce rolls. There is no specific release date for the candy at the moment, but we do know that it is hitting shelves sometime in April, so stay tuned!

Courtesy of Starburst

I guess this makes up for all those Halloween candy fails, as a pack of all pink Starburst is sure to leave you with nothing but feelings of pure joy and utter satiety.