KathleenLights' IG Shirt Goes Towards A Good Cause

Normally, Kathleen Fuentes, aka KathleenLights, gives out makeup recommendation. This time she's switching things up with a sartorial pick. Fuentes showed off a t-shirt on Instagram and it turns out it's for a good cause. If you're wondering where to buy Fuentes' Wayfarer shirt, there's only one place to shop. You'll be happy to know that the money goes to a good cause too.

This year seems to be the year of making your wardrobe count. There have already been shirts that benefit charities like Planned Parenthood and other non-profits. Fuentes' goes towards The Wayfarer Foundation, which supports a variety of charitable organizations. According to the YouTuber's Instagram post, this particular shirt will go towards throwing a Carnival Of Love for homeless people in the Los Angeles Area. The shirt reads, "Where there is love, nothing is too much trouble and there is always time" and is made by Justin Baldoni, who is a friend of Fuentes'.

You can snag one of these charitable tops at They come in both black and white options and are available for $25 each. It doesn't say exactly how much of the purchase goes towards the foundation, but it does say that every single one benefits the cause.

Official Love Much Always Shirt, $25,

Just like the two color options, there's also two different styles to choose from. You can choose from the classic t-shirt style, which Fuentes wears in her Instagram photo, or a v-neck. No matter which style you choose, you really can't go wrong. There are also options for every single person in your life. There's a unisex t-shirt, a his or hers v-neck options, and even children's sizes. The only downside is that they only come in sizes XS to XL.

According to the website, Baldoni's goal is to sell 600 shirts to support the cause. As of right now, they have sold 521 shirts and completely 87 percent of their goal. There's no word on whether that means that they'll also be sold out soon. Just to be safe, I'd head over and buy one while you still can.

Official Love Much Always Shirt, $25,

So what are you waiting for? Go buy one before it's too late!