Sky One's New Drama 'Manifest' Is Like 'Lost,' But Creepier

by Aoife Hanna
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It's one of those TV shows you've been reading about and desperate to watch and luckily — it's finally available in the UK. Manifest is every bit the supernatural drama that you need in your life. Mystery, uncertainty, a whole load of freaky goings on? Yes, I'll take it! The NBC series was such a hit that a second one was commissioned shortly thereafter and despite it taking a wee while to get to the UK — there's definitely been a bit of a buzz. So where was Manifest filmed? Because some of those street scapes look darned familiar.

The hit show was filmed largely in New York City. The shots filmed in the airport were done in Long Island's Republic airport. A pretty key location as this show is all about a mysterious flight that changes the whole world and the lives of those on board.

Montego Air Flight 828 experiences chronic turbulence and luckily for those on board, gets through it and lands with them all unharmed. Phew right? Well not quite, because guys, all is most definitely not what it seems. Seemingly over the course of that three hour long flight, something very strange happened. Something that throws the story straight into one of mystery, strange goings on, and relief/heartache that is almost tangible.

Before you start rolling your eyes and having flashbacks about Lost and all those years you lost watching it — this show is a lot more clever and interesting than that.

So seemingly, when the plane went through difficulty, it actually disappeared from air traffic control's radar. And despite the plane landing and all being well and good, they just weren't. The plane had actually been missing for five years. And during that five year period, with all of them assumed dead, the whole world moved on without them. And as their reality becomes more and more clear, the mystery as to what the hell happened to them deepens.

The first season is focused mainly around the Stone family who are flying back from Jamaica after a well deserved holiday. However, their family are broken up after a mix up where flights had been oversold. One small change that made for an enormous affect on the family. As one half of the family end up getting home safe, and for the other half — well it's all a bit complicated.


In the aftermath of the mysterious return of the flight, those who survived begin to see a whole new world unfold, where they have abilities they didn't have before. Suddenly they hear guiding voices and find an ability to see events before they happen. Psychic and supernatural abilities which, understandably, totally freak them out. All of that alongside adjusting to a world which has changed and developed without them makes for a seriously engaging storyline.

Like I said before, much to the happiness of fans, NBC gave the green light to a second season. It hasn't been confirmed when the second season will air in the UK, but luckily for new fans, there are 16 episodes of season 1 to watch first.

Watch Manifest on Sky One From July 30 at 9 p.m.

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