Here's Which Halloween Candies Are Totally Dairy-Free

Jemal Countess/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Consuming copious amounts of sugar is one of the hallmarks of Halloween. But for those with food allergies or dietary restrictions, partaking in the candy tradition can be marred by anxiety. So, for those amongst us who don't consume dairy, you might be wondered which Halloween candies are dairy-free? Your options are surprisingly diverse. Don't worry, you can still pull in a good haul, gorge yourself and then feel ill for the next 24 hours.

Trick-or-treating, or some variation of it, has been intertwined with Halloween essentially since its birth. Gaelic communities partook in Samhain, which translates to "end of summer," according to LiveScience. They believed that on the last day of the harvest season, spirits were able to return to earth. In attempt to appease grouchy, vengeful ghosts, Gaels would dress in disguises and leave food and drink outside the entrances of homes. This tradition slowly evolved overtime throughout Ireland, but the commercialized Halloween that we all know and love happened with Irish immigrants brought the remains of Samhain overseas.

Today, Halloween is a multi-billion a year industry. Americans spent over $1.2 billion on just candy in 2015, according to CNN. Which seems steep, until you realize that nearly 74 percent of Americans pass out candy each year to 41.2 million potential trick-or-treaters.

Ring Pops

Produced by Bazooka Candy Brands, Ring Pops, along with Push Pops and Baby Bottle Pops (what an early aughts throwback that candy is, huh?) are all safe options.


Along with their ~associates~ — Cherryheads, Grapeheads, Appleheads, Tropical Fruit Heads — Lemonheads are free from most of the common allergens, including dairy.

Haribo Gold-Bears

The staple of college student diets everywhere, Haribo Gold Bears are free of dairy and full of weird charm.

Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Rancher Hard Candies and Good & Fruities are Hershey's answer to allergen-free treats.


Ah, yes, the candy that taught us all about masochism. Warheads and essentially all their spinoffs (including the recently released HotHeads) are safe for you lactose-intolerant li'l angels.

Jelly Belly Jelly Beans

So don't worry, the game where you dare your friends to try mystery flavor jelly beans is safe.

Hot Tamales

You can still get your tongue-searing fix this Halloween season with dairy-free Hot Tamales.

Swedish Fish

Sour Patch Kids

Every time I buy a bag of Sour Patch Kids I eat too many and end up decimating my tastebuds for like a week. But whatever, they are ~free of most common allergens.~


And while LifeSavers are classic doctor's office candies, they are still! Free! Of! Milk and eggs!


Yes, Nerds get everywhere when you try to pour them right into your mouth, but who cares, because they taste great.


Dum-Dums have been around since 1942. They are a classic and evidence that you do not need dairy products to make a good treat.