Honest Beauty Is Relaunching With HALF The Products & Here's What's Staying

Jessica Alba's Honest Beauty only launched back in 2015 but the actor and entrepreneur is already rebooting the line. Wait… wut? Why? Honest Beauty is super successful so why the change?! Well, Alba is relaunching Honest Beauty with good reason. She is making it more streamlined, easier to shop, and more affordable, without sacrificing quality!

It was all a matter of too much of a good thing, really!

As Allure reports, Honest Beauty arrived in 2015 with 83 products. That's across the color and skin categories That's also an intense assortment and can be a touch overwhelming for the customer who is looking to grab and go as well as for the seasoned makeup vet!

Alba and her team ultimately decided to cut the Honest Beauty suite of products in half. Whoa. That's a huge re-do.

But do not panic or fret. Seriously. It gets better — we promise.

There will still be over 40 products to play with and it's mostly shades and textures that are being cut. The range has been trimmed and re-organized for a better user experience.

With some publicity nightmares and a spate of lawsuits regarding product efficacy claims in the rearview, Alba and Honest can forge ahead with a renewed purpose.

"We just didn't need all of those options," Alba told Allure about the brand's extended offerings and variety of shades and formulas. "We cast a wide net." Perhaps a little too wide and that's why Alba is paring things down to ensure quality control and to ensure wider appeal. That said, lots of shades and textures will remain.

The brand is lowering prices, as Racked reports, and will see a packaging refresh, as well. The new look Honest Beauty is more Instagrammable, featuring white tubes and containers with peach details. It's not quite the super photogenic millennial pink but it's close enough. It also makes Honest Beauty stand out and a bit more recognizable.

Here's what's staying and what's going. There will be 45 products. Thirty five of those are cosmetics for lips, cheeks, and eyes, along with 10 skin care offerings. So there's still plenty to choose from and play with.

The Magic Balm, which Alba never goes without and always keeps in her own bag, is staying. That's because it's a miracle worker that can be used on lips, cuticles, and hair. So rest easy, Honest lovers! This hero product will continue to save the day for your skin and features.

The Everything Primer is staying put, as are the Lip Crayons. The formulations of those beloved products aren't going to change, either. But some of the shade choices are not moving forward in the rebrand. Those will make themselves more obvious once the new products go on sale. Alba wants to ensure that every product has a "purpose," and, well, a customer!

The brand is adding shades to the Lush Sheer Lip Crayon and Lip Crayon Demi Matte range. So the subtractions also come with additions! There is also an eyeshadow palette that Alba's makeup artist Daniel Martin created. Martin, who is also a consultant to her brand, was force behind the 10-pan, $20 palette. He also did Meghan Markle's wedding makeup, so there's that.

The new and improved Honest Beauty Line will drop in July via the brand's site.

Despite the bumps in the road and some legal hiccups along the way, Honest Beauty V. 2.0 will retain the credibility and quality that Alba has staked her reputation on and that has turned her into a business unicorn. That is, she has built a billion dollar company, which is rare in this day and age.

So look at this this way — Honest Beauty just got better.