Lush Is Getting Rid Of These 29 Customer-Fave Products — But Here's Why It's A Good Thing

Courtesy of Lush

It's time to cue *NSYNC's smash hit "Bye Bye Bye." The upbeat pop jam will lift your spirits over the fact that Lush is discontinuing a slew of products, like the amazing and underrated Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar, the Layer Cake Soap, the 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly, and many others. There is a good chance one of your favorites is being tabled this month, which is downright heartbreaking.

Don't despair, though. Lush is clearing out stock to free up space for new innovations, which should make having to part with a product you previously loved sting a little bit less. Expect these exiting bath and body treats to be replaced by an even better variety of skin-pampering products, like the recently released, mood-matching Solid Bath Oils.

The good news is that discontinued items will remain available until the remaining stock sells through. Therefore, you can still hit your local Lush and scoop up what's left of these items. Or you can check the brand's website for leftovers.

But don't delay. There are likely plenty of other Lushies who will be gunning to grab these departing faves, as well.

Below are the soon-to-be extinct Lush products. Let's all take a moment of silence to say our goodbyes.


Courtesy of Lush

Twinkle Toes Foot Powder, $9.95,

This foot deodorant is on its way out. The toe refresher was fun while it lasted.

Massage Bars

Courtesy of Lush

Dirty Massage Bar, $11.95,

The dark chocolate center of this cocoa butter-infused mega moisturizer and its "dirty" scent were so appealing. But alas, it's time for them to hit the road. Fare thee well.

Courtesy of Lush

From Dusk 'Til Dawn Massage Bar, $9.95,

The cone shape and intoxicating blend of Sicilian lemon and sweet wild orange oil made FDTD a fave.

Courtesy of Lush

Strawberry Feels Forever Massage Bar, $10.95,

Sigh. This one hurts. This supreme, strawberry-shaped and scented melty moisturizer is leaving the building. It was one of this writer's personal faves, since it paired so well with the also-discontinued Vanilla Puff Powder for bakery-scented skin. The Percup, Peace, and Shades of Earl Grey Massage Bars are also outta here.

Face Masks

Courtesy of Lush

Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, $9.95,

In addition to the leafy green Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask, the Ayesha Fresh Face Mask and The Sacred Truth Fresh Face Mask are on their way out the door.


Courtesy of Lush

Buttered Brazils Lip Balm, $10.95,

A whole lotta lip stuff is bidding adieu. Besides the yummy and softening Buttered Brazils Lip Balm, the It Started With A Kiss Lip Tint, Passion Fruit Lip Balm, Strawberry Bombshell Lip Tint, and Sunkissed Lip Tint will no longer be shoppable.

Courtesy of Lush

Popcorn Lip Scrub, $10.95,

The savory and sweet lip scrub is also having its swan song.


Courtesy of Lush

Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs, $11.95,

Some of the brand's dental delights are also going buh-bye. The Atomic Tooth Powder and the Bling! and Oral Pleasure Toothy Tabs will also say sayonara.


Courtesy of Lush

The Plumps Solid Conditioner, $17.95,

This volumizing and glossifying solid conditioner, along with Mr. Dandy's Hair Candy Hair Dressing, are no more.

Shaving and Grooming

Courtesy of Lush

Ambrosia Shaving Cream, $21.95,

Five O'Clock Whistle Shaving Smoothie and Veerappan Moustache Wax, along with the razor burn-banishing Ambrosia shaving cream, will soon see their "Access Denied."


Courtesy of Lush

93,000 Miles Shower Jelly, $8.95,

Along with the Refresher Shower Jelly, this delightfully wobbly cleanser is no more.


Courtesy of Lush

Layer Cake Soap, $6.95,

Even a pair of sumptuous soaps is out. The lathery Layer Cake and Miranda Soaps are saying, "Later."

Lush recommends following their socials for further updates about which products are being pulled from the shelves in favor of exciting newbies. RIP Lush loves — but hello new products!