This Is The Kind of Rum That Goes Best With Eggnog

by Brittany Bennett
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'Tis the season to fill your cup with the season's classic boozy dairy drink. It's eggnog season, everybody. If you're a fan of the holiday drink, which is typically served from Thanksgiving through New Year's, you know that it's the booze that makes the beverage. When mixing you might want to know which type of rum goes best with eggnog. Because it's important to make the absolute best version of eggnog that there could ever be. This is especially important if you want to sway the eggnog haters towards the light side.

Let's also make it clear that eggnog doesn't have to be alcoholic. But, honestly, between gift shopping and traveling it doesn't hurt to have a little something to take the edge off. At its base, the beverage is a sweet and merry concoction of cream, milk, eggs and sugar. It's like a winter specific milkshake without the blended ice cream scoops. Instead, the cream gives it that just-melted ice cream texture. It also differs from a typical milkshake because of the fact that it's mostly served warm (which is to ensure that the eggs aren't consumed raw).

If you're not exactly a fan just yet but you're looking to give eggnog a brave try this winter, rest assured that the alcohol will help take the edge off by giving it an edge. Just be sure to know what the best rum to use is. And that's what I'm here for.

There are a lot of spirits you can pair with eggnog to get you in the ... spirit. While some prefer bourbon or brandy, rum is what was traditionally used to spike the custard-like drink. And when it comes to your rum, choose wisely. There are many varieties on the market to use that range from clear to gold to black to navy. Some mix better with others in the batch of eggnog, combining to create a glass of cheer. Others fade away into the mix or obnoxiously take center stage over the sweet cream.

You don't need to feel overwhelmed when rummaging through the liquor cabinet. Even though, yes, there is a wild amount of rums that you could use, it really comes down to one kind that's juuust right. And so I'd suggest that you leave the gold rum in the front of the liquor cabinet and push the spiced rum to the back.

The Spruce conducted a taste test resulting in a gold or aged rum as the perfect fit with eggnog's flavor. You would ~think~ that spiced rum would blend perfectly into a holiday drink. Isn't everything around this time of the year better stuffed with spices? Yes, but not when it comes to this kind of drink. The Spruce reasons with us, saying that it's "too spicy for a good eggnog." That's a case of stealing the spotlight. On the contrary, if you go too light with your liquor, the rum will get lost in every sip.

Ron Aguere Oro Golden Rum, $29.23, The Whisky Exchange

The Whisky Exchange describes the characteristics of golden rum as, "generally mellow, more complex spirits benefiting from some oak maturation." Meaning, this is a fit that sits in the cup juuuust right. You'll get that kick you were looking (or hoping) for without it being too strong your entire face clenches. With this perfect balance, you'll definitely be rocking around the Christmas tree.

Gather your friends and family, who are of age of course, and invite them to taste the very best of this holiday drink. They might just like it and you might just be regarded as the eggnog queen of your family forever more. Cheers!