Becca & Lauren Might Be In For Some Awkwardness When They Meet Bachelor Arie’s Parents


During The Bachelor's (senior producer: Lindsay Liles) hometown date segments, fans got to see Arie Luyendyk, Jr. interact with the final four ladies' parents. But what about Arie's own parents? Fans saw Arie's family when he brought Krystal back to Scottsdale during their 1-on-1 date, but it's been a while since we saw the rest of the Luyendyk clan on screen. So, who are Arie's mom and dad? The Luyendyk family seems supportive of Arie's Bachelor journey, even if Arie's mom might have seemed skeptical of Emily Maynard during The Bachelorette.

As shown in the previews for the Bachelor Season 22 finale, the Luyendyks will be back on screen Monday night. Arie will bring both Becca and Lauren home to meet his family. And, as the trailers show, Arie confides in his dad about the fact that he fell in love with both women.

"I found love in two different women. I could choose the wrong person," Arie says in one of the clips. "That's a real fear." The trailer also features both Lauren and Becca sharing how convinced they are that they will be Arie's final choice. Arie's dad also showed up in the previews that aired at the end of last week's episode, and Arie Luyendyk, Sr. weighed in on Arie syaing he loves two women.

"At this moment, you feel that, in your heart, you love them both?" Luyendyk Sr. asks the Bachelor. "Yeah," Arie responds. "Isn't that crazy?" His dad goes on to tell the cameras that "Arie Jr. has a war going on inside."

David Taylor/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

When they're not weighing in on their son's love life, though, the Luyendyk parents aren't your average couple. Like his son, Arie Luyendyk, Sr. is a race car driver, and an impressive one at that. Luyendyk, Sr. won the Indianapolis 500 twice, and he earned the nickname: The Flying Dutchman. Originally from the Netherlands, he started racing in Europe before moving on to U.S. racetracks in the 1980s, People notes. Luyendyk, Sr. went on to win the Indy 500 in 1990 and 1997.

Meanwhile, Arie's mom, Mieke Luyendyk, also earned a reputation for her Dutch heritage, though the context was markedly different. When Arie was a contestant on The Bachelorette, Mieke spoke in Dutch during Arie and Emily's hometown date, which made the date a bit awkward for Emily.

There isn't as much information available about her as there is about her husband, but a scroll through what appears to be her Twitter feed shows she's all about family. Mieke frequently retweets her husband, as well as Arie Jr.'s post about The Bachelor. Her Twitter bio also says that she "promote[s] Rock your Tube versatile dresses," in addition to listing the fact that she's "happily married to Arie Luyendyk." Life & Style reports that the Luyendyks have been married for decades — they're approaching their 37th wedding anniversary this month — so they're doing something right.

In addition to his parents, Arie also has a sister and twin brothers. Fans will recall one of Arie's younger brothers, Alec, speaking to Krystal about his recent wedding during her visit to Scottsdale. Arie's sister also appeared during his hometown date with Emily. It's not clear yet whether Arie's siblings will be in the Bachelor finale, or if the meet-the-family discussions will only be conversations between Arie, his suitors, and his parents.

It's hard to imagine the Luyendyk family not liking both Becca and Lauren. After all, they made small talk with Krystal, and things during that date seemed to go quite smoothly. There's a lot more at stake during this visit — Arie needs to make his final decision — but I'd guess that Arie's parents will love both of his final two ladies.