Colton & Caelynn Have A "Fry Party" On Their 'Bachelor' Trip, So Prepare For An Eventful Night

by Nicholas Rice
Josh Vertucci/ABC

With only four contestants left on The Bachelor, it's officially time to kick the season into high gear and for Colton to meet his potential in-laws during the "Hometown Dates" episode airing on Feb. 25. Between meeting the families of Tayshia, Hannah, Cassie, and Caelynn, Colton has a lot to prepare for, and it's bound to make for an entertaining hour of TV. One particular woman whom Colton seems interested in learning more about is Caelynn, the former Miss North Carolina, and if Caelynn's parents appear on The Bachelor, you can bet he'll discover plenty about the contestant's home life.

Browsing through Caelynn's Instagram and Twitter accounts, one will find no mention or sight of any family members whatsoever. Her Instagram is devoted to photos of herself — with the occasional shot of her during her time on The Bachelor — and her Twitter shows no mention of her family either. So what gives?

An official press release from ABC about the episode describes Caelynn's family as "protective", and Heavy.com reports that Caelynn revealed to Colton that he would not be meeting her biological father in the "Hometown Dates" episode. Instead, Colton will be meeting her stepfather, as he raised Caelynn instead.

Per ABC's official press release, "A visit to Caelynn’s hometown of Fredericksburg, Virginia, turns emotional as her protective family needs convincing that Colton is serious about his desire to be married … Caelynn takes Colton on a wonderful, old-fashioned carriage ride through historic Fredericksburg, Virginia, and then he is treated to a family ‘fry party’ under the watchful eye of her vigilant stepfather." The press release then asks, "Will Colton get his blessing to marry Caelynn if she is his chosen soulmate?"

Other members of Caelynn’s family will likely get to meet Colton during her hometown date and their "fry party," including one person who has quite an impressive background. According to Marie Claire, Caelynn's grandmother was the first woman to be the head of the FBI in Los Angeles. How cool is that?

Yet while very little information can be found online about the rest of Caelynn's family, family has always played a very important and integral role in her potential fiancé Colton's life. Speaking to US Weekly in January, he shared, "I’m definitely ready for kids. I feel like I was born to be a dad. I come from a large family. I’m an older brother – now to a bunch of bonus siblings – and I love that role."

Colton also told US Weekly that when he first joined The Bachelor, his parents questioned his intentions. "They were a little skeptical, but I think they saw how good it was for me coming off of [Paradise], sort of how I reacted and how I felt," explained Colton. "So they’re so excited right now, and I know my dad and my mom are looking forward to having a new daughter-in-law."

Whether or not we will learn more about Caelynn and her family during the Feb. 25 episode of The Bachelor remains to be seen, but getting to know more about them will certainly help Colton decide if they are a perfect match for him... or not.