Meet The EM Cosmetics Muses

Michelle Phan is often referred to as the OG of YouTube beauty gurus, and since starting her YouTube channel, she has yet to slow down. In fact, she's probably doing more than ever. Now, Phan's EM Cosmetics Muses are here to help the guru launch her latest EM Cosmetics products. In an Instagram post to the EM Cosmetics account, Phan explains that each of the five muses serve as an inspiration to the line, and with their diversity, success, and talent, Phan has clearly chosen her muses well.

The muses are helping to not only inspire Phan's makeup line and relaunch it, but to also help her showcase the new products. In a Facebook Live with Bustle, each of the five muses introduced themselves and their backgrounds and explained how they originally met the EM Cosmetics founder and how much they love EM Cosmetics' new Infinite Lip Cloud. Each woman has different cosmetics backgrounds, but Phan's line and her relaunch have brought them together.

Phan's Em Cosmetics was originally under the L'Oreal umbrella, but the brand is now on its own, and what better way to launch a new product than to bring women of diverse backgrounds and styles together to do it? From figure skating to the cosmetics industry, they all got their start differently, but they're all together now. So, who are the EM Cosmetics muses?

1. Promise Phan

Phan is another OG YouTuber who's incredible transformation have made her incredibly popular. This muse has some serious talent.

2. Roxette Arisa

With almost 49,000 Instagram followers and a YouTube subscriber number near 400,00, Arisa is a huge social media star. Plus, her background is so cool. While a figure skater, Arisa loved makeup and fashion and is now tackling her beauty dream after her figure skating career.

3. Jade Simmone

For Jade, beauty is all about chasing your dreams. This beauty guru quit her medical job to follow her passion, and now, she's inspiring others to do the same.

4. Mariah Leonard

If you're looking for a muse who will give you product reviews, dupes, first impressions, and tutorials, Leonard is your woman. This trend-mixing makeup artist balances classic beauty with edgy looks.

5. JKissa

JKissa's makeup journey is an inspiration. According to her YouTube channel, she experienced bullying and depression until a MAC artist helped her find her beauty from the outside in. Talk about inspirational, right? Now, she does the same for women on YouTube.

Clearly, Phan knew what she was doing when she chose her five EM Cosmetics muses. Their diversity, love of beauty, and incredible stories clearly make them inspiration not just for Phan but for EM Cosmetics fans as well.

To learn more about the muses and to purchase EM Cosmetics' new products, head over to the website here.