Who Are UK Parliament Attack Victims? London Is Mourning Its Tragic Losses

Carl Court/Getty Images News/Getty Images

A suspected terrorist attack near the British Parliament building Wednesday left over two dozen people injured or killed, the worst attack in the country in over 10 years. Though the tragedy was quickly averted by security forces around the Palace of Westminster, at least four people were killed in the attack. The London attack victims haven't yet been identified, but their memories will no doubt be honored once they are.

According to the Guardian, London police officers confirmed that four people died in the attack, including the suspect, who was reportedly shot by police, and the police officer who was stabbed at the scene. It's still unclear how the other two victims were killed, but it may have been from the suspect's car, which was driven into the crowd on Westminster Bridge before crashing into the gates of the Palace of Westminster.

Authorities have not yet released the suspect's identity, nor the identities of the police officers and two bystanders who were killed. Victims are typically identified within a day or two of these types of incidents, usually depending on when the person's family is informed. However, given the nature of the attack, it may take some time to thoroughly investigate before that information is released to the public.

As of now, the motive for the attack hasn't yet been proven, so it's possible that it was not intended as a terrorist attack. However, the U.K.'s investigative agency Scotland Yard confirmed that the incident was being treated as a terrorist attack for investigative purposes, which could delay the release of information.

Though there's nothing too specific that you can do before the victims' identities are released, there are still ways to help. Donating to generous organizations like the Mosque of East London or the Muslim Charities Forum is a great place to start, because even if the attack wasn't motivated by religious extremism, it will probably still aggravate the existing Islamophobia in Britain.