Meghan Markle’s Engagement Photo Dress Has A Totally SHEER Top

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Breathtaking! That's the most effective way to sum up the official engagement photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Kensington Palace released two images of the couple — one color photo of the pair seated while embracing and another black and white shot of the duo nuzzling. Markle's glamorous engagement photo gown is a bit of a different look for the actress — it's much sexier and more glamorous than anything she has worn since she and Harry announced their engagement and have increasingly been in the public eye.

The dress was designed by Ralph & Russo, according to The Mirror. That's Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, in case you were unfamiliar with the design house.

In the seated photo of Harry and Markle, he is dapper in a blue suit, while she is wearing a gorgeous, semi-sheer, long-sleeved black tulle dress with hand appliqued gold feather detailing on the top and a floor-skimming, ruffly silk organza skirt. The dress is featured in Ralph & Russo's latest collection and it's evidence of Markle's evolving personal style.

The pics are guaranteed to make your heart skip a beat and will have you eagerly and anxiously awaiting their wedding so you see what Markle wears when strutting down to the aisle to greet her prince!

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Her engagement ring, which was designed by Harry and includes two diamonds that were once owned by his late mother, the beloved Princess Diana, is on full display in this shot.

Courtesy of Ralph & Russo

Since you can't see the full scope of Markle's gown because she is seated in the official engagement photo, here's a look at the dress as it was sent down the runway. It's absolutely lovely and fashionable, with loads of detail. It's a deceptively simple frock. The feather work and the ruffled skirt look and feel extremely couture. You can also further appreciate the sheerness involved. But it's never inappropriate and is totally measured. Something tells us that the much-loved and equally missed Prince Di, who was a supreme style icon and one of the most photographed women in the world during her day, would totally endorse this dress.

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The second image of the duo is uber romantic, featuring the smiling couple locked in a cuddly embrace and seemingly sharing his black coat. Markle is rocking a white sweater, with her stunning ring front and center. We can't blame her for wanting to show her rock off at every turn, since it's exquisite and honors the adored woman who would have been her mother-in-law.

Of course, Twitter weighed in on the sheer dress.

This user wondered aloud if the sheer nature of the top of the dress was slightly inappropriate. But it's 2017 and the dress is both elegant and classy. While the base is somewhat see-through, the feather detail is both intricate and artisanal. It doesn't seem to leave much room for a wardrobe malfunction, either!

The tweet worked to shut down concerns about the "sheerosity" of the top. Regardless, Markle looks gorgeous and the dress is apt for the occasion.

This! This user summed it up perfectly. They are indeed a beautiful couple and it's evidenced in the photo.

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With her increasing fame due to her new role in the royal family, Markle is quickly becoming one of the most photographed women on the planet. Like Kate Middleton, she is a subject of sartorial interest and will remain as such for the foreseeable future. Up until the engagement photo, she has been favoring structured, simple pieces.

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Markle's future ensembles will certainly inspire fashion lovers. Her style will be oft-copied, as well. Her official engagement photo dress is modern, feminine and chic.