How That 'Good Girls' Season 1 Cliffhanger Could Affect Season 2

Justin Lubin/NBC

Good Girls can be lighthearted at times, but Season 1 ended on possibly its darkest moment yet. Last we saw, Beth had walked into her house to find Dean bloodied and beaten, and Rio holding a gun to his head. It initially seemed like Rio was going to kill Dean in front of her, which would have been horrific on its own, but then he handed Beth the gun and gave her two options: kill him or kill her husband. We'll presumably learn who Beth shoots on Good Girls during the show's Season 2 premiere, but either way, her decision could have a massive impact on not only her future, but Annie's, Ruby's, and all of their respective families.

As a reminder, Beth, Annie, and Ruby staged a robbery in an attempt to lead the police to Rio's money laundering business and get him arrested — and off their back. Unfortunately, their plan didn't work, and Rio wasn't all too pleased they'd tried to cross him, which is how Beth ended up in her current predicament. However, Rio seems to still have an odd sense of trust that she won't cross him, considering he gives her the gun. She could easily shoot him and put an end to his hold on everyone, but clearly, he has faith she won't go through with it. There are several possibilities for where things could go from here, but here are the three most likely outcomes.

Beth Shoots Rio

Getting rid of Rio would solve a few problems for Beth and the other women, but it could also have major consequences. He may have told other criminals to hurt Beth or her family should something happen to him.

Beth Shoots Dean

Things between Beth and Dean haven't been great since the series' beginning, but the Season 1 finale raised a lot of questions. Why did Dean tell Beth he has cancer when he doesn't? Is there still hope for him and Beth, or is he just a burden to her at this point? And what's to come of Beth's obvious chemistry with Rio? Shooting her husband would cross a huge moral boundary for Beth, she's already crossed several lines. Perhaps she's had enough of him taking her for granted, and this is an easy out.

Beth Doesn't Shoot Anyone

Technically, Beth doesn't have to shoot anyone. Rio is dangerous, but she's the one holding the gun here, and not killing someone is probably a smart move. She's gone head to head with Rio before, and there's hope yet that she can talk her way out of this.

We won't know for sure who Beth shoots, or if she pulls the trigger at all, until the Season 2 premiere. But whatever happens, it's clear Good Girls isn't afraid to get even darker. The stakes are already high, but at this rate, Season 2 is only going to raise them. See how it all pans out when Good Girls returns March 3 at 10 p.m. ET.