Abra Kadabra Is One Strange 'Flash' Villain

Jack Rowand/The CW

The Flash's rogues' gallery was already overflowing thanks to the dozen timelines and infinite versions of Earth that the characters have visited, and Season 3 has managed to add even more. That will continue in the March 28 episode when The Flash introduces Abra Kadabra, a villain who comes from Earth-19. Like most of the villains featured on the show, Abra Kadabra is a DC Comics character with a long history. Yes, the comics featured a futuristic stage magician who travels back in time from the 64th century in order to make his old tricks appear fresh and new to an unsophisticated 20th century audience, and now he's traveling right to Team Flash's lab.

According to The CW's summary of the episode, Abra Kadabra is "a criminal from a distant future whose advanced technological powers seem like magic ... the time-traveling Abra Kadabra holds a secret the Flash will stop at nothing to uncover." The history of the character dates back to his first appearance as a Flash foe in 1962, always motivated by his desire for fame, attention, applause, and eventually, revenge on The Flash for sending him to prison.

Abra Kadabra doesn't have super speed, so The Flash always gets the last laugh, but his future technology does give him some impressive powers — controlling minds, making things disappear, forcing audiences to attend his magic shows, and more.

Coincidentally, David Dastmalchian, the actor who will be playing Abra Kadabra, already has plenty of experience playing roles in many different comic book universes, flipping between Marvel and DC, as well as TV and film, with ease.

He played Kurt, the tech-y member of Ant-Man's formerly criminal entourage in Ant Man, and was an evil morgue worker conspiring to bring back Jerome in Season 3 of Gotham this year. And one of his first credited roles was as the "Joker's Goon" in The Dark Knight. So this marks his fourth time in a comic book universe, and it could be one of his most eccentric and interesting roles yet.

When it comes to Abra Kadabra's role on The Flash, it's been heavily implied in the episode promos that if Gypsy's intervention doesn't ruin Barry's opportunity to negotiate, he might finally reveal Savitar's identity, bringing the team one step closer to defeating the season's big bad. If the character does manage to help the team find out some long-held Savitar secrets, then he'll certainly have earned the applause he so desperately craves.