'Pretty Little Liars' Revealed A.D.'s Backstory

by Christine DiStasio
Eric McCandless/Freeform

Well, Pretty Little Liars fans, this was it. The big series finale, the big series reveal that haunted us through the past two seasons. Spoilers ahead. On Tuesday night, Pretty Little Liars revealed that A.D. was Alex Drake, Spencer's twin. Sure, this was a popular theory ever since Spencer showed up after the time jump with bangs and Mary Drake revealed that she was actually Spencer's biological mother. But, honestly, who could've seen the details of this reveal coming? Unless, of course, you were me, who's spent the past few weeks on Bustle's PLL podcast, Taking This One To The Grave, claiming that every time Spencer appeared on screen, it was actually her evil twin.

During the series finale, Spencer was kidnapped and locked in another underground bunker where she finally learned the truth about her twin sister. Alex revealed that she was also born in Radley, but instead of being adopted by the Hastings, she was adopted by a wealthy British family and raised far away from Rosewood. This is the reason she decided to torture the Liars in the first place — after learning about Spencer's existence from first Wren Kingston and then their sister, Charlotte, Alex decided that Spencer got the better end of the stick.

After Charlotte's death, Alex took over the A-game in an attempt to avenge her sister's death, with the ultimate goal of replacing Spencer in her own life. Or, at the very least, she wanted to steal Toby from Spencer — after killing Wren, who was her boyfriend for most of the time she was tormenting the Liars over the past two seasons.

The reveal of Alex's existence was honestly a little heartbreaking — especially when she was explaining the relationship all of the Liars have with each other and how strong their bond was, even while she was trying to tear them apart.

Whether or not you were satisfied with this reveal (even if you were hoping for Ezra to end up being A.D.), Alex's story about how and why she ended up becoming A.D. was one of Pretty Little Liars' craziest reveals ever and certainly a fitting goodbye to Rosewood.