This New 'Summer House' Star Is A Serious Silver Fox

Mark Sagliocco/Bravo

It’s freezing outside right now, so let’s go back to a time when the rosé flowed freely and the sun shone fiercely — the summer! Bravo’s Summer House is back for a second season, and with more Hamptons drama comes a few new faces to stir up trouble on Long Island’s East End. So who is Amit Neuman on Summer House? He’s a fresh arrival to the Hamptons scene, and he’s certainly ready to mingle.

Summer House’s core group has remained the same — Kyle Cooke, Lindsay Hubbard, Lauren Wirkus, Carl Radke, Stephen McGee, and Ashley Wirkus are all back for another season of summer fun. Amanda Batula, Kyle’s girlfriend, is joining the summer share, as are Danielle Olivera and Amit. According to his official Bravo bio, Amit is in the house because he is pals with Carl — he and Carl roomed together when they went to Coachella, so Carl brought him along to the Hamptons. Amit “recently quit a job in corporate insurance, traveled the world, and then moved back home to New York City.” Right now, Amit is an entrepreneur, and he’s single and looking for a good time. His bio says, “the question is… with whom?” and, considering what Amit looks like, I’m sure he’ll have his pick.

As far as finding out more about Amit, his Twitter hasn’t been updated since 2015. Just not a Twitter guy, I guess. But from his Instagram, it seems like Amit is living the life.

He’s A Model

Amit walked during New York Fashion Week this past summer, thanks (according to his Instagram) to housemate Lindsay. It’s all about the connections, folks.

He’s A World Traveler

Amit really wasn’t kidding in his Bravo bio when he said that he was migrating around the world. He’s been everywhere from Tel Aviv to Tampa to Tulum, and his photos prove it.

He’s Close With His Family

Amit posts a lot about his sister, so it’s obvious that they’re close in age and close in their relationship. Gotta love a man who loves his family and respects the women in his life.

A little about Amit, and now a little about Season 2 of Summer House. In an interview with Newsday, Stephen said that this season is a lot heavier emotionally than Season 1.

Our friendships go through a big change. And it is very real and very raw and we do all of this while trying to have a great time. We’re juggling real emotions, real feelings, real hurt and real love.”

All of those things, while hard for the cast members to go through, make for great television, so I think that Summer House fans are going to be satisfied this season. Lindsay echoed Stephen’s statements on Aol.com:

People open up more on Season 2. Like Stephen said, being vulnerable is something that is relatable and that needed to be shown more. As much as we know each other personally, America doesn’t really know us personally, so in order for them to understand us better and understand why we act the way we act, we needed to be a little more open.”

And as for the newest houseguest, Amit, Lindsay isn’t quite sure about him. “Amit is a nomad, and he’s very confusing,” she said. “For most of the summer we’re just trying to understand him and where he’s coming from. He’s definitely a wildcard.”

Hmm… sounds like Amit is the Carl of Season 1 — sketchy about his whereabouts, tight-lipped about his relationships, and blaming a lot of stuff on being drunk. It makes sense, since Carl and Amit are pals coming in. Whatever his status, Amit is the hot guy to watch on Summer House, and I will definitely be watching.