Who Is Arie Engaged To After 'The Bachelor'? He Found Love With More Than One Woman

Paul Hebert/ABC

With The Bachelor: Women Tell All special now over, all that is really left for fans is to see is just how Arie’s love story plays out. With many of the other storylines all wrapped up, there really is only one major question, remaining. Who is Arie from The Bachelor engaged to? Of course, it’s not even a given that he is engaged. However, since he’s said all along that his goal was to leave the show with a fiancée, it's clear he'll have put all his effort into doing so.

First, though, it seems like there will be some kind of trouble in paradise for Arie and Becca. During The Bachelor: Women Tell All special, Caroline called out Arie. Although it’s a bit unclear as to what exactly she was talking about, it was very evident that she was disappointed in Arie. Something he supposedly did allegedly caused major heartbreak for a friend of hers. “This whole time, you've said that you are here because you are trying to find a wife. I know what you did, and I don't know how you could do that,” she said to Arie. “I just really don't understand, but I really hope you found what you are looking for.”

After that, Caroline spoke to The Hollywood Reporter, and, without naming her friend, added some more details. “You hear the story, but when you physically see the person breaking it hurts my heart … So I happened to walk into this reunion show and I couldn't help but light Arie up," she said. “It was so much worse than anything, ever, in Bachelor history — I feel like it is probably the worst heartbreak in the show's history.”

Despite not explicitly naming Becca, it seems very likely that Becca is exactly who she’s speaking about. That’s because both Becca and Caroline’s Instagram pages feature several photos of the pair posing together. They're clearly friends, and Caroline would want to defend her. So, perhaps Becca and Arie didn't make it work.

Looking into the women’s Instagram profiles seems to continue that idea. If Arie is indeed engaged with someone, it would seriously seem to be anyone but Becca. On Becca’s profile, she has only posted a few photos of Arie, with two photos from night one and hardly any since. Kendall’s Instagram is the same way, nearly devoid of Arie. On her profile there’s only a photo of her hometown date with Arie and a photo of her with Arie on the first night of the show.

Lauren’s Instagram profile is a totally different story, though. While Becca and Kendall’s photos with Arie show them standing or sitting close together, the most recent photo of Lauren and Arie shows the pair making out. The other photos she has posted are also intimate, with Arie having a hand on Lauren’s back during the bowling date or with his arm wrapped around her in Paris. One final detail that suggests their closeness is that while the other women only had two or three photos of them as a couple, Lauren has posted four photos of her with Arie. Despite none of this being an official confirmation that they’re engaged or even dating still, it seems telling that she has posted several intimate photos with Arie when the other women in the top three have not. Out of the three women, Arie is most likely still with Lauren.

Arie has said from the beginning of the season that he fell in love with two women over the course of filming the show. But if he fell in love with and later hurt Becca, then it seems likely that he found himself in a deeper state of love, and potentially even engaged then, to Lauren or Kendall. And, Lauren certainly still seems smitten. Place your bets, people, time is running out and Lauren's odds are looking good.