Who Is Austen Kroll? 'Southern Charm's Newest Cast Member Is Giving Shep Rose A Run For His Money

Breaking into a new social circle may be challenging for some — especially breaking into a reality TV clique in Charleston, South Carolina. But that won't be an issue for Southern Charm newcomer Austen Kroll. The sales manager is known around town as a charismatic bachelor with a penchant for craft beer and the Carolina Panthers.

His Bravo TV biography says Kroll grew up in Charlotte, North Carolina, attended college in Alabama, and traveled to New Zealand before settling in the sweet southern town of Charleston. Kroll's LinkedIn lists that he earned a Bachelor's in Business Administration and General Management from the University of Alabama in 2010.

Kroll's family owns a second home on Kiawah Island right out side of Charleston, so the city isn't a foreign land for him. But after planting roots, Kroll found himself going head-to-head with his friend and fellow perpetual bachelor Shepherd Rose to woo the fine ladies of the south. But loving to go out and meet women isn't the only thing the two southern gentlemen have in comment. Kroll and Rose are both big time golf players and masters of leisure, according to Bravo.

When Kroll isn't maxing and relaxing, he sells craft beer for a regional brewery. According to his LinkedIn, Kroll has worked for the Red Hare Brewing Company since May 2016. Prior to that, he worked as a cellar man for the Palmetto Brewing Company in Charleston for more than a year, which he enjoyed documenting on Instagram. So it's highly likely that Southern Charm viewers are going to see a lot of Kroll and Rose sipping brews and talking to women throughout the fourth season.

Rebecca Miller/Bravo

But, given that this is reality TV, even the most lavish of lives isn't all it's cracked up to be. Since Kroll is a newbie, Bravo notes that the young sales manager doesn't know where his career is going. But apparently he's not sweating the future. Instead, audiences will be left wondering just how far Kroll's "sky's the limit attitude" will take him.

You'll see how Kroll fits into the posh posse when all the drama returns on April 3.