Bradley Walsh & His Son Look So Similar That I'm Not Even Sure Who's Who Anymore

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TV presenter and actor Bradley Walsh is widely known for his work on the ITV game show The Chase, and more recently on the iconic BBC sci-fi series, Doctor Who. Walsh's latest TV project, titled Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad, airs on ITV and follows the 58 year-old on a 2,000 mile road trip across the U.S. with his 21 year-old son, Barney. But who is Barney Walsh?

Barney is the son of Bradley Walsh and his wife, Donna Derby, and is currently following in the footsteps of his famous father, by pursuing a career in both acting and television presenting. Barney landed his first acting role in the seventh series of Law & Order UK, in which he portrayed a young boy called Kit. Other film and TV roles taken on by the 21 year-old include Tom Enders in the BBC soap Doctors, as well as appearances in recent films Indulgence, in which he played the character of Charlie, and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Back in 2017, Barney kicked off his presenting career, and eventually went on to work as a host for the Miss World pageant for two years running. Walsh's son is also no stranger to charity work, and as the Metro reports, is in fact a patron of the children’s cancer charity, Smiles with Grace.

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As previously reported, Barney appears alongside his celebrity father in the four-part series, Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad. Episodes currently air every Wednesday at 8p.m. on ITV and document the 2,000 mile road trip taken by the father-son duo from Los Angeles to New Orleans. As reported by the Express, the series shows the Walsh boys overcoming intense challenges including muscle training on the infamous Muscle Beach, skydiving from 12,000 feet, cowboy training, and even rowing down a crocodile-infested river.

The official ITV synopsis of the series reads: "With Barney about to turn 21 and leave home, he has convinced Bradley this is the perfect time for a father and son trip in the U.S."

In an interview on ITV's This Morning, Walsh opened up about the relationship between himself and son Barney. The former Coronation Street actor said "He has always been my son, and you always take care of them. But then all of a sudden he becomes your equal and a work colleague, and a mate, and someone you respect. Now I look up to him," and added "Barney, bless him, was directing me on some of the things. 'Dad don't worry about this, you need to be thinking about this,' and actually producing me." Walsh also revealed that he'd only agree to take part in the ITV adventure series if he was able to take some his favourite items along with him. When asked about his specific requirements, the Doctor Who star said "Here's the deal. I’ll go on a road trip with you providing you have this. I want my Hob Knobs, my digestives, British TV, and that was when I said OK."

Bradley Walsh and Son: Breaking Dad airs on Wednesdays at 8 p.m. on ITV1.