Why Juliette & Cara Are Already Fighting On 'Siesta Key'


If you often find yourself re-watching episode after episode of Laguna Beach in nostalgic remembrance of Lauren Conrad and Kristin Cavallari's beachy waves and high school heartbreak, then you'll love Siesta Key. It's basically the East Coast version of Laguna Beach, just sadly, without the sweet style and sentiment of the early 2000s. Cara on Siesta Key is a new member of the crew, and you'll get to meet her when Season 2 premieres on Jan. 22 at 9 p.m.

Last season, fans watched the show's resident heartthrob, Alex, struggle to navigate his messy love life. He found himself in a difficult situation when he discovered he had feelings for both Madisson, his high school sweetheart, and Juliette, his summer fling. Meanwhile, their group of friends, Kelsey, Garrett, Brandon, and Chloe were busy figuring out relationships of their own. Best friends stole crushes, bonds were tested, and lines were crossed, all for them to end up in a similar situation that they started with. Alex and Juliette decided to be together, and at first, they were happy as clams. But the season ended in a fight that left viewers uncertain of their relationship status once again.

That's where Cara comes in. As if the show didn't feature enough of Alex's exes, Cara Geswelli makes her Siesta Key debut as one of them — and she comes prepared to stir the pot. Rumor has it that she and fellow newcomer, Jared, could take over Alex and Juliette's spot as king and queen of the island.

A clip of the new season reveals that Cara and Juliette waste no time in getting to know each other, and fighting. "You're half deaf, half rude and mostly stupid," Juliette tells Cara. Yikes. In the same clip, Cara says, "He still has a thing for me," presumably referring to Alex. And at the end, she's caught saying, "I love to watch that girl squirm," presumably referring to Juliette. So, it sounds like Cara is not being timid about her newfound membership of the Siesta Key crew.

In another clip, Juliette says that she worries about Cara hooking up with Alex again, noting that Cara has hooked up with Alex before when he's been in a relationship. Juliette seems to be saying that she hopes he won't make a habit of it, although Cara is keen to mention that other girls in the crew have also hooked up with him before. They don't really seem to get anywhere in the conversation as Juliette ends the convo by saying that she "hates" Cara. Things can only get more complicated from here.

According to her Instagram bio, Cara is simply "unbothered." Her grid looks as perfectly posed and sunny as you'd expect. Most of her photos are of her and her friends, partying on the beach and having a good time. She's also done a lot of traveling and has a very pudgy cat.

Cara may be new to the show, but fans will quickly learn that she's no stranger to the area. After all, secrets are never safe in Siesta Key.