Who Is Chris Ivery? Ellen Pompeo's Husband Seems Like A Supportive Dad

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

There's no denying that this past week has been awful, especially with news of the deaths of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds. Thankfully, there is some happy news to celebrate. Ellen Pompeo and Chris Ivery welcomed their third child, the Grey's Anatomy star's rep confirmed to Us Weekly Thursday. "Family and baby are all doing great," the rep said. No other details have been released, so until then, why don't we get to know Pompeo's husband a bit better: Who is Chris Ivery?

Other than it being known that Ivery is a music producer, there really isn't much out there about the 48-year-old. Similar to how Pompeo remains somewhat mum about her personal life and her daughters, Stella and Sienna, Ivery seems to avoid the spotlight. Although, based on interviews his wife has given, it appears he makes a great husband and father.

As Pompeo told People in August, Ivery is a simple guy. "I don’t really like a lot of makeup, and my husband doesn’t really like a lot of makeup." She also added that Ivery "is so supportive. He is amazing." Speaking of being simple, the couple also didn't have a lavish wedding, but rather married at city hall in New York City in 2007.

Pompeo also dished to People that they aren't ones to stay up late or party all night. "We go out to dinner sometimes, but date nights really kind of happen inside at home," the 47-year-old said. "And actually, we both go to bed pretty early, so we do a lot of lunch dates, too."

LOS ANGELES, CA - MAY 18: Ellen Pompeo (L) and husband Chris Ivery attend the Los Angeles Lakers and Oklamhoma City Thunder Game 3 of the Western Conference Semifinals in the 2012 NBA Playoffs on May 18, 2012 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Noel Vasquez/Getty Images)Noel Vasquez/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

In November 2013 during an appearance on Queen Latifah's now-canceled talk show, Pompeo also opened up about how secure Ivery is, which is what makes him so attractive to her. "My husband is a fantastic guy, and very, very secure," she revealed. "I think that’s probably why I’m so into him — because he’s got so much swag. He’s just so secure that nothing shakes him. If it did shake him, I wouldn’t know."

Before they said "I do," Pompeo discussed Ivery with Us Weekly (via TV Fanatic) in June 2007 and said that he is just as open minded as she is. "Yes, he grew up in Cambridge, Massachusetts, one of the most liberal places on the planet." She continued, "And he grew up with a white, Jewish mother and a black father, so he has had to deal with a lot of diversity issues as well. So we're very open minded."

Based on all of Pompeo's descriptions, Ivery is supportive, open minded, loving, simple, and has a lot of "swag." What's not to love about any of those qualities? He sounds like a worthy guy, who also makes for one amazing husband and father.

Clearly, Pompeo feels that way or she wouldn't be gushing about him all the time. Ivery can continue being a private guy, because it sure seems like Pompeo doesn't mind praising her husband and the father of their two girls.