Everything You Need To Know About Christen From 'Bachelor In Paradise' In Case You Totally Don't Remember Her

by Hannah Shapiro
ABC/Paul Hebert

In the promo for the upcoming Bachelor In Paradise episode, Chris Harrison described new arrival Christen by saying, "A sexy scallop sneaks down the stairs." I'm not sure why Harrison described an adult woman as a clam, but this is Paradise and things are weird. So, who is Christen from Bachelor in Paradise? During her time on Nick's season of The Bachelor, she was known for her incredible facial expressions, being the confidant to Elizabeth Sandoz during her "I already hooked up with Nick" drama, being vocal about her virginity, and leaving before we really got to know her.

But, it appears we will get to know her on Bachelor In Paradise. According to that promo, her appearance will cause conflict for the suitors already on the beach. Every week, new arrivals threaten the existing relationships by arriving with date cards and a desire for love. As a late arrival, Christen will have to be bold and unapologetic when she hits the beach.

Christen is a bit of a question mark for many viewers, as her time on The Bachelor was cut short, so here's what you need to know about her before she makes her grand entrance.

She's A Big Sister

Christian posted the above photo and hashtagged it #Sissy, so this may be her sister (or maybe she's just in the Big Sisters program). Either way, she seems to be involved in the role of older sister and mentor.

She Has A Bachelor Social Circle

The Bachelor and Bachelorette suitors all appear to hang out with each other after the show. I guess there is something bonding about jointly experiencing nationally televised heartbreak. Christen was originally living in Oklahoma but according to her Instagram bio, lives in Nashville now and hangs out with the Nashville Bachelor crew.

Her Faith Is Important To Her

In the above Instagram caption, Christen described her goals of getting closer to Jesus. Religion is something that seems very important to Christen, and it will be interesting if it comes up during her Bachelor In Paradise dating.

She Received A Group Date Rose That Didn't Make It To Air

While Christen only made it to week three Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor, she says she received a competitive group date rose early on. Christen posted the above Instagram claiming she got the group date rose but it got cut from the aired episode due to more interesting (possibly Corinne Olympios related) suitor antics.

She Left The Bachelor Sad But Ready For Love

Look at all those facial expressions about to hit the beach! Christen left the show roseless, but she's back in Paradise for another shot at love.