This New ‘Summer House’ Star Was Bringing The Drama Before She Even Arrived

Mark Sagliocco/Bravo

Bravo's Summer House is back with its second season and that means that there are new roomies moving into the weekend abode. One of those new Summer House cast members is Danielle Olivera. She may be just starting on the show, but she is very familiar with her co-star Carl Radke. They used to date, according to her cast biography on Bravo's website.

Her bio teases some drama from the season: "She and Carl have a romantic past that has the potential to flare up, which could be unsettling for some of the houseguests."

One of those houseguests is Carl's on-again-off-again hookup from last summer, Lauren Wirkus. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Lauren discussed Danielle joining the Summer House cast. “Going into the house, it's gonna be awkward," she said. “Especially because Carl and I, our relationship is nothing short of complicated. It's interesting, but... I went into it wanting to make the best of the summer and, you know, I think Danielle did, too … Not to say there wasn't some bumps in the road.” It sounds like fans should expect a Carl-centered love triangle this season.

That said, Carl is not the one who invited Danielle (and the potential drama) into the summer house. After years of spending her summer weekends with another group of friends, it was actually Kyle Cooke who invited Danielle into the house (and the show), according to Bravo.

Aside from Carl and Kyle, Danielle did not know anyone else before filming this past summer, so it makes sense that she would be overwhelmed by the reality TV experience at times. In the trailer for Season 2 of Summer House, Danielle declared, "I saw so much I can't unsee" when someone does a flip into the pool without any clothes on.

Based on the preview alone, it was tough to figure out who Danielle was reacting to, but she reposted the video on her Instagram page and wrote, "The city is a cold b*tch right now, time to bring back summer. Catch me and way more of @imkylecooke’s anatomy than any of us ever asked for on #SummerHouse @bravotv in January."

A roommate (with a girlfriend in the house) jumping into the pool naked might be a bit much for most people to handle, but Danielle's bio describes her as a "self-proclaimed 'guy’s girl' who is always ready to party," so it sounds like she is well equipped to handle a summer with this crew.

On her personal website, Danielle shares that she is "a sucker for theme parties" and that she enjoys going to festivals and concerts, so it feels like she will fit right in with this work hard, play hard crew. She describes herself as a "Puerto Rican with a hint of Italian," is from New Jersey, and graduated from the University of Delaware with a degree in finance. Her website also says that she now lives in Brooklyn, New York.

Just like the rest of the people on Summer House, Danielle is not a professional reality star. She is hard at work Monday through Friday when she is not living it up with the cast at their weekend home. Danielle posted her work history on her website. She has been working at Bizfi, a company that provides different financing options to businesses, since she graduated in August 2010. She started out as an Underwriter, then she became a Business Analyst, and she's been a Product Manager for the company since July 2015.

Danielle is bringing a lot to the table as one of the new cast members on Summer House. It will be interesting to see how the season unfolds for her.