Danielle M. Starts Anew On 'The Bachelor'

Rick Rowell/ABC

It's 2017 and, at last, Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor premieres on Monday night. Many women will vie for roses — and his heart — but only one will emerge as engaged at the end of the season. At this point, the lucky woman could be anyone, including Danielle M. from The Bachelor. According to her official bio, Danielle Maltby is a neonatal nurse from Nashville, Tennessee, who is looking for a new beginning. Throughout her bio, you'll notice she makes several references to starting anew: The 31-year-old is getting tattoos on her ribs and lower back removed, she mentions that she moved to Nashville to "put myself back together," and that she "lost my fiancé and I needed to start fresh somewhere."

Her former fiance passed away, as stated in her Bachelor bio. According to Wet Paint, Danielle M.'s fiance was Nick Haag, a musician who died at age 29 in 2011 of an alleged drug overdose. Nearly six years later, she has been working as a nurse, has done some modeling with Amax Models, and is now looking for love with another Nick — this time on The Bachelor. According to Wet Paint, Danielle M. is from Wisconsin, just like Nick Viall, so they may have a lot to talk about. But will it lead to an engagement? That remains to be seen.

Here's what else you need to know about Danielle M. on The Bachelor.

She Enjoys Snapchat

According to her Instagram account bio, Danielle M.'s Snapchat name is dmmaltby and she posts many of her snaps to IG. She wears scrubs in many of the snaps, just like a nurse would.

She's A Fan Of Stranger Things

"Poor Barb, you're never far from our thoughts or hearts," Danielle captioned this photo on her Instagram account. She notes that this was a sign that she found in Germantown. And now fans know Danielle M. has good taste in TV shows.

She Enjoys A Good Hike

Danielle posted several photos of the scenic Red Rocks trail to her IG as well as other treks outdoors and seems to really enjoy it.

She Has Been Back To Wisconsin

Danielle posted this photo to her Instagram account last June with the caption: "Beautiful day for a Wisconsin wedding." She doesn't specify where in the state, though.

Her Favorite Movies

Danielle M.'s favorite movies include The Sandlot, The Notebook, and Ferris Bueller, according to her official Bachelor bio. And last April, she posted this IG photo of her enjoying The Sandlot with some friends.

She's All About Adventure

Her Instagram account chronicles Danielle M.'s trips to Los Angeles, Iceland, around Nashville, and even back to Wisconsin. She seems to love traveling and adventure.

But fans will have to watch this season of The Bachelor to see if Nick will join her on any future adventures — or a hometown date in their shared home date of Wisconsin.