Danny's Father Is An 'Iron Fist' Mystery

Patrick Harbron/Netflix

Danny Rand returns to New York to find himself, but ends up learning just as much about his family. As it turns out, his arrival in K'un-Lun may not exactly have been an accident. Who is Wendell Rand on Iron Fist? There are spoilers for Iron Fist ahead, so don't read on unless you want to learn the secrets of Danny's father.

At first, all we know about Wendell is that he died in a plane crash along with Danny's mother. He and Harold Meachum were in business together, and the Meachum family took over Rand Corporation when he died.

However, midway through the series, Madame Gao tells Danny Rand that she knows his father. In Episode 7, we learn that he was taking the family to Anzhou, a city in China where Rand has company property. There, he captures Madame Gao. In Episode 9, we learn that the Hand offered Wendell a deal and he refused, but found out that Harold had taken said deal... and then she got cut off. It's unclear what happened next.

Ali Goldstein/Netflix

Marvel comics has a slightly different backstory for Wendell — he was once the Iron Fist himself. He trained in K'un-Lun, fell in love with a woman named Shakirah and had a daughter named Miranda (yes, Miranda Rand) before meeting Danny's mother. The trip that claimed his and Heather's life was his attempt to get back to the magical city.

In Episode 10, Danny gets a glimpse at the old Iron Fist. Could it be Wendell?

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